Mario Kart Tour: How to Get a Fantastic Combo a Total of 5 Times

One of the latest Mario Kart Tour challenges involves combo chaining, and a lot of it. Here's how to pull off Fantastic combos 5 times.

Mario Kart Tour's latest update is here, bringing with it a horde of new challenges (as always). One of those is somewhat of a doozy, too. It's the "Get a Fantastic Combo a Total of 5 Times" challenge.

We'll break down what a Fantastic combo is and how to get one, plus offer some tips for how to chain Fantastic combos.

What Are Fantastic Combos?

Mario Kart Tour combos are where you string together a set number of actions in a certain timeframe. A Fantastic combo starts when you've pieced together 9 actions without letting too much time lapse between actions.

How to Chain Fantastic Combos

As much of a pain as getting a Fantastic combo might sound, there are fortunately quite a few ways you can pull one off.

We mentioned a few of these in our guide to getting higher scores, but here are all the actions you can perform in Mario Kart Tour, together for convenience:

  • Start a race with a rocket start, which you do by tapping the screen when the countdown is at 2
  • Use mini-boosts on all turns
  • Take advantage of slipstreams when you're behind an opponent, where you're following directly behind and gradually pick up speed until you can pass them
  • Use ramps and jump pads as much as possible
  • Glide as long as you can (when you're gliding)
  • Tap as much as you can during frenzies
  • Collect coins
  • Use items, including attack and boost items
  • Use a character's special move
  • Using an item right before or right after a jump boost

There are a couple of things to keep in mind to give yourself the biggest advantage in chaining these actions together.

Consider the Course

Don't pick courses with tons of obstacles, like Bowser's Castle or DK Pass, because it just creates opportunities for your combos to get interrupted. If you do great with drifts and boosts, then consider a shorter one like Toad's Circuit so you can take full advantage of coins, drifts, boosts, and items.

Don't Use Speed Abilities

Characters with abilities that increase your speed won't be your best friend here. You need time to work in as many combos as possible.

Make It Easy

Play in lower CC ranks so you don't have to worry about opponents messing your plans up.


That's it for how to get Fantastic combos 5 times, but be sure to check out our growing list of Mario Kart Tour guides as well, including:


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Published Oct. 23rd 2019

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