Destiny 2 Articles RSS Feed | Destiny 2 RSS Feed on en Launch Media Network How to Get Elemental Orbs in Destiny 2 Fri, 03 Aug 2018 12:54:12 -0400 Sergey_3847

The newest Solstice of Heroes event is now live in Destiny 2. It gives players access to the new Solstice gear, which can be upgraded to legendary status using special elemental orbs.

There are three types of orbs that you need to get to be able to fully upgrade your gear: Solar, Arc, and Void. If you want to know how to get them all, then follow our quick guide below.

How to Farm Solar, Arc, and Void Orbs

The three types of orbs represent the three types of elemental damage in Destiny 2. That's why if you want to farm for a specific type of orbs, you will need to play as the subclass that corresponds to the given element.

You will find the complete breakdown of the elements for each subclass below:

  • Solar: Gunslinger, Sunbreaker, Dawnblade
  • Arc: Arcstrider, Striker, Stormcaller
  • Void: Nightstalker, Sentinel, Voidwalker

You obviously need to have your Solstice armor on and your weapon should also have the same element as your subclass before farming. For example, if you play as a Solar subclass, but you run a Void weapon, there is a chance that you will sometimes get Void orbs instead of Solar ones. So if you want to maximize the farming of a certain type of orbs, be sure to play with the same type of weapon as well.

Method 1: Killing Elites

The orbs drop from the enemies, but it has been reported that the highest rate of orbs drop from the Elites. So aim for these types of enemies specifically. The highest number of Elites can be found on Nessus at Exodus Black.

Just hop on there and start an adventure of killing Assault Scouts with all three different subclasses, and you will have enough orbs to fully upgrade your Solstice gear very quickly.

Method 2: Public Events

This method isn't as good as the first one, but you can still try it out and see for yourselves. It involves you finding any Strike that can let you take part in Public Events.

Choose the best Public Event to your liking and start killing enemies there. So this is just another way of farming elemental orbs in Destiny 2


That is all on how to get elemental orbs in the Solstice of Heroes event, and for other Destiny 2 guides at GameSkinny, check out the links below:

How to Get Seraph Weapons in Destiny 2 Tue, 15 May 2018 12:24:31 -0400 Sergey_3847

The "Warmind" DLC for Destiny 2 has introduced the new Seraph weapons, one of which -- the Hand Cannon -- you can get by completing the main campaign. However, there are three more weapons you can get: the SMG, Sniper Rifle, and Shotgun.

If you want to know how to get the rest of the Seraph weapons in Destiny 2, then follow our step-by-step guide below for all the info you need.

Step 1: Get Rasputin Key Fragments

After you've completed all the story missions in the "Warmind" DLC, you need to start playing either Heroic Strikes or Heroic Adventures. Both of these PvE modes are rather easy, so you should have no trouble there.

As a reward for completing each of these modes, you will earn one Rasputin Key Fragment. The PvE modes are available daily, and in total, you need seven of these key fragments.

Then, you need to turn in those seven key fragments to Ana Bray, who resides on Mars. In exchange, she will provide you with one Encrypted Cache Key.

Step 2: Start Escalation Protocol

When you have the Encrypted Cache Key, you can join the Escalation Protocol public event on Mars. This is a new horde mode that requires players to survive seven consecutive waves of enemies and one last boss fight in the end.

The boss fight is especially difficult, so it would be good to enter the event with a power level of at least 370. If you can't beat the boss, don't worry; the boss rotates every week, so you can do it again after the rotation.

Step 3: Open the Loot Box

Once you've managed to beat the final boss of the Escalation Protocol event, you will get the Decrypted Cache Key and a special loot box as a reward, which can be opened only with the help of this decrypted key.

The loot box includes legendary and exotic items, such as unique armor, and of course, the much-desired Seraph weapons.


That is all you need to know in order to get the Seraph weapons in the "Warmind" DLC, and for other Destiny 2 guides at GameSkinny, please visit the links below:

5 Games That Don't Need Battle Royale Mode Wed, 14 Feb 2018 13:17:59 -0500 Andrew Krajewski

When Epic Games pivoted with Fortnite to start a battle royale mode, nobody expected it to catch up to PUBG as quickly as it did. The success of both of these games has turned a lot of heads, and many people are trying to jump on the battle royale hype train before it's too late. That doesn't mean, however, that every game should have a battle royale mode. In fact, here are five games that definitely do not.

Red Dead Redemption 2

When Rockstar announced Red Dead Redemption 2, fans were stoked for it to come out. When there were leaks that mentioned a possible battle royale mode coming to the game ... there was some excitement, and speculation about possibly jumping out of a hot air balloon sounded cool ... but the overall consensus consisted of quiet murmurs that didn’t like the idea. People don't want Red Dead Redemption to become another battle royale clone; they already have that in PUBG and Fortnite. Fans want more of the badass Western they played in the original title. This game has been years in the making, and a pivot to include a half-baked battle royale is just asking for trouble.

Grand Theft Auto V

Part of the reason people don't want Red Dead Redemption 2 to have a battle royale mode is because Rockstar already put it in GTA V. The game type in is underwhelming at best and does not fit within the online platform that is GTA V. If Rockstar really wants to make a BR game, then they should give fans a new IP they've been waiting for rather than cram it into an existing one.

Call of Duty: WWII

If any first-person shooter would consider battle royale, Call of Duty would. The thing is, Call of Duty doesn't need a battle royale game type. They do such a good job pumping out multiplayer maps and zombie modes that fit the fast-paced action Call of Duty games are known for. Battle royale games are much slower, and one reason the CoD crowd likes Call of Duty is because of the way the gameplay feels. Simply put, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it!" 

We've already seen this happen once, when Infinite Warfare tried to have people jumping around in space like maniacs. That was not the game people wanted to play, and so it did poorly. When Activision brought Call of Duty back to WWII, it was a major success! CoD has a winning formula, and there's no reason to mess with it.

Splatoon 2

This one may feel like it comes out of left field, but again, all the major developers and publishers have surely looked at battle royale, and that includes Nintendo. Splatoon 2 feels likes the obvious choice, but, like Call of Duty, the game doesn't need it. 

Splatoon is unique because the mechanics it features don't really exist in other shooters. You're not fighting to get the most eliminations in a match; you're trying to cover the map with as much ink as possible. That, along with using ink to hide and travel, doesn't feel like it would translate well into a BR mode. Splatoon already has its unique niche and can be perfectly successful the way it is.

Destiny 2

We round out our list with Destiny 2. This game has tried to change its formula several times, and consequently, it has gotten backlash for it several times. People like the raid and loot system that exists in Destiny, and that's why they play. If Bungie tried to introduce a BR system into Destiny, it would further show they're not really sure where they want to go with this game. Again, they should stick to what they have had success with already, because very little is more rewarding than taking down a big boss with your friends, especially with the satisfying gun mechanics of Destiny.


That does it for this list of games that don't need battle royale. Are there any other games that probably shouldn't go near the genre? Maybe you disagree with us, and if so, we'd love to hear why in the comments below!

Valentine's Day Event Brings Favorite Map to Destiny 2 Thu, 08 Feb 2018 12:38:03 -0500 Spongehoe

Destiny 2's Valentine's Day event, Crimson Days, is already making a better appearance than the last. The popular Crucible map "Burning Shrine" from Destiny's Trials of Osiris is going to be added to Destiny 2 next week. 

The map is considered one of the very best by a majority of fans; however, this version, named "The Burnout," will be remade to meet the theme of the Curse of Osiris DLC.

This would be the second time Bungie has relaunched a former map since "Shores of Time" made a comeback in October of last year.

The Crimson Days event will begin Tuesday the 13th of February and end on the 20th of the following week. Additional features will be added as well, such as an option for gamers to play in duos or couples and benefit from staying within proximity of their partner.

For those who don't have a partner to play with, the game will match you up with somebody compatible. There will also be new items and enough loot to go around for a while. 

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for all your Destiny Crimson Days info and guides!





Destiny 2 Gets a Patch Job, and Iron Banner Returns Tue, 30 Jan 2018 12:20:36 -0500 StrongerStrange

While it might not be a major expansion or new DLC, Update 1.1.2 does have a few new treats in store for players of Destiny 2.

To begin with, Iron Banner makes its return, allowing Guardians to fight one another for some shiny new armor -- this time with the addition of Masterwork armor. This of course means that Guardians will be able to rework their stats if they are dissatisfied with the initial stat roll.

This patch also promises better raid rewards as part of the package (and in response to fans) as well.

The game's director, Christoper Barrett, has been keeping the Destiny community informed and dropping information on his Twitter feed. He mentioned that his team is trying to improve Trials of the Nine, and he has hinted at the return of Strike-specific loot. What's more, he has indicated that the Prestige Eater of Worlds update is still on the horizon and that Exotics from the original Destiny will slowly be imported over to Destiny 2 (fingers crossed for my Void Fang Vestments to make a return).


What are your thoughts on Update 1.1.2 and the return of Iron Banner? Will you be dipping back in this afternoon? Let us know in the comments below.



How to Turn Off Automatic Ad Downloads on PS4 Wed, 27 Dec 2017 21:56:48 -0500 Ashley Gill

If you own a PlayStation 4 and live in North America, chances are you've gotten an unwelcome Destiny 2 demo added to your dashboard without your consent. If you're like the vast majority of people with a PS4, you probably want it gone.

The PS4 being able to push demos to owners' dashboards has been a known feature since before the console hit the market, but it's taken a few years for Sony to finally make use of it -- and it just so happened to go into effect on Christmas day.

PS4 owners are finding a mysterious Destiny 2 icon on their dashboard, which prompts them to try the demo with the hopes of players buying the game. With the game having been recently revealed to be using some pretty scummy practices to throttle player progression, it's no surprise Bungie is promoting the game via auto-push ads to the PS4 interface.

It's one thing to hear that these practices are possible, but it's another thing entirely to actually see it in action. Luckily, you don't have to lie down and accept having your PS4 dashboard invaded.

How to turn off ads on the PlayStation 4

Just typing out "ads on the PlayStation 4" feels dirty.

You can delete the Destiny 2 demo off your dashboard simply by highlighting it, pressing the Options button, then selecting 'Delete.' Easy enough, now let's make sure you never see anything like this on your PS4 console ever again.

First, go to the Settings menu and scroll your way down to System.

In the System menu, select Automatic Downloads.

Uncheck 'Featured Content' and exit out to rid this advertising blight from your gaming space.

It was only a matter of time until this feature came into use, and this will surely not be the last time. It's a much-welcome convenience that we can turn the PS4's "featured content" off, but this feels sort of like a grim omen of things to come.

Best First-Person Shooters of 2017 Thu, 28 Dec 2017 14:00:01 -0500 Kengaskhan


Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4

“First-person shooter” probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you hear "Resident Evil." However, the seventh main title is, in fact, played from a first-person perspective, and it does, in fact, involve shooting guns.


Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is actually a very competent FPS in its own right, and the switch from third-person to first-person enhances the truly frightening atmosphere that the series is so well known for (and it does make you wonder why Capcom hadn’t made a first-person Resident Evil game sooner). Unlike most conventional first-person shooters, you won’t be unloading your gun’s magazine every chance you get in Resident Evil 7. In fact, you’ll probably find yourself praying for fewer enemies to fight.




That wraps up our list of seven of the best first-person shooters released in 2017. If there are any games that you think should've been on this list, let us know with a comment!


Quake Champions

Platform: PC

While hero shooters are becoming more and more popular, arena shooters are something of a rarity these days. Quake Champions combines the two, pitting a fairly varied cast of unique characters against one another in an intense, arena-based bloodsport with lightning guns and rocket launchers.


With so few arena shooters on the market, most players will probably have to get their fix from Quake Champions if they want a more modern experience. However, even if it’s not perfect, Quake Champions does deliver as an excellent arena FPS experience, and players interested in the genre should definitely check the latest entry in the Quake series out. And veterans need not fear the hero aspects of Quake Champions, as the game feels nothing at all like Overwatch.


Destiny 2

Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4

Destiny 2 is kind of a mixed bag at the moment -- the whole loot box controversy happening alongside the game’s current content drought certainly isn’t doing the game any favors. However, at its core you’ll find an incredibly polished game with some of the most satisfying FPS gameplay and one of the most unique multiplayer PvE experiences the genre has to offer.


It’s a shame that Destiny 2 is currently in the shape that it is, but if all you’re looking for is a short, exciting FPS experience, then this is your game. Otherwise, it’s a game to keep your eye on during the next year, as the upcoming DLC could very well make or break Destiny 2.


PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG)

Platforms: PC & Xbox One

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is a little unusual compared to the rest of the games on this list in that it’s a battle royale survival game, so the majority of your time won’t actually be spent in shootouts with other players. You’d think that having 99 other players in the game would lead to an all-out bloodbath, but you’re going to have to pick your fights carefully if you want to be the last man (or squad) standing. At the same time, this gives each firefight that much more weight, as the long average life expectancy in PUBG (as opposed to other FPS games) means you’ve got that much more to lose.


Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch (in 2018)

I probably wasn’t the only one skeptical of Bethesda’s ability to put out a great Wolfenstein game when The First Order was announced in 2013, but a year later, the game was released and subsequently nominated for Golden Joystick’s 2014 Game of the Year award! It may not have won, but it’s obvious how well the game was received.


Well, it's a few years later, and we’ve got the sequel, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus ... which was awarded Best Action Game at The Game Awards 2017.


Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus packages that frantic, fast-paced FPS gameplay that the series is so well known for into a spectacularly imaginative story -- and it’s actually a pretty good story to boot. If you’re looking for a Nazi-killing simulator, you can’t really go wrong with any of the Wolfenstein games, but The New Colossus is the latest, and certainly one of the greatest, entries in the series.


Prey (2017)

Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4

Arkane Studios’s Prey reboot is an immersive simulator with some incredibly open-ended gameplay. Prey may not have the most robust shooting mechanics (they are sufficient, at the very least), but it brings a whole lot more to the table than most of the other games on this list.


As an immersive sim, Prey gives the player tons of opportunities to get creative and experiment with the environment. While exploring the Talos 1 space station, players will find a a vast array of tools, ranging from grenades that deconstruct everything caught in their blast to pyschic powers that will let you shapeshift into coffee mugs or mind control enemies.


Also, Prey is a really solid horror game if you’re into that.


Day of Infamy

Platform: PC

Day of Infamy is, in a lot of ways, the successor to Insurgency -- it’s a hardcore, tactical FPS that pits two sides (the Axis and Allies in this case) against each other in a 16v16 battle with limited, wave-based respawns.


Like Insurgency, Day of Infamy does away with a lot of traditional FPS UI elements in order to promote a more realistic style of gameplay -- ammo trackers and minimaps are notably absent. Not only will you have to personally keep track of the ammo in your current magazine, you’ll also have to keep track of the ammo in your old magazines, as ammo is not shared between your magazines. Furthermore, you’ll have to rely on good communication if you want to tactically outwit the opposing team, as you won’t have a radar or HUD trackers to show the enemy’s positions.


If you’ve been looking for a game to scratch your hardcore FPS itch, then New World Interactive has got you covered with Day of Infamy.


The first-person shooter has always been a pretty popular genre, which means that we typically get a good number of really solid shooters each year, regardless of whatever the flavor of the month (or year) is.


However, 2017 has thrown us a couple of oddballs, and many of the games on this list are a little unusual for the genre. On the bright side, this did lead to a varied list of games, and regardless of what kind of gamer you are, you're sure to find an FPS here that'll suit your interests.

Destiny 2: How to Get and Use Masterwork Cores Tue, 19 Dec 2017 14:05:34 -0500 Ty Arthur

New changes continue to arrive for Destiny 2, as most players have long since hit the max character and light level, including some recent updates on improving your high-end gear.

While the Curse Of Osiris DLC brought out new exotics like the highly sought-after Prometheus Lens or the Crimson Hand Cannon, a number of big updates have started arriving independent of that DLC. These updates change up the end game, as players seek out new ways to up their light level and distinguish themselves from their clanmates.

The latest addition is a new category of weapons called Masterworks, which are essentially variant Legendary items that boost a stat and help you generate orbs, which is useful for utilizing your super. You can tell if an item is Masterwork by checking for a gold Masterwork Weapon slot on the far right end of the weapon mods list.

 A brand-new Masterwork version of a Legendary weapon

Destiny 2 Masterwork Weapons

As with most things in Destiny 2, Masterwork items are primarily random drops (in this case, available after you hit power level 250), so pray to the RNG gods and get to killing things. You can also potentially get them from various vendors by turning in your tokens.

There's a slightly higher chance for them to drop in the Trials of the Nine or on Raids, so focus on farming those locations if you really want these new additions to the game, but they can pop up pretty much anywhere.

All Masterwork weapons have a few key differences from a standard Legendary weapon drop:

  • Each masterwork weapon automatically includes a kill tracker for either PvE or Crucible, but not both options at once. 
  • Masterwork weapons produce orbs on multi-kills, and you can now pick them up yourself.
  • Every Masterwork item provides a small bonus to one of the following stats: Blast Radius, Handling, Impact, Magazine, Range, Reload, Stability, or Velocity.
  • The stat boosted by a Masterwork can be rerolled if you don't like the original boost for a cost of 3 Masterwork Cores and 25 Legendary Shards.

Destiny 2 Masterwork Cores

There is a second method for acquiring Masterwork gear, however, by using Masterwork Cores to give an existing Legendary weapon the Masterwork qualities.

If you dismantle any piece of Masterwork equipment previously acquired, you will get a randomized number of Legendary Shards and Masterwork Cores (usually 1 - 3).

That means it's time for some serious grinding and to dismantle anything Masterwork you acquire that you don't plan on using. There's finally a reason to get back and keep playing again! 

 Finding Masterwork Cores in your inventory

All Legendary weapons now have three extra blank slots in their inventory screen, showing that they can be turned into a Masterwork variant for a slight boost and showcasing what stat is boosted.

If you highlight either of the bottom two slots, you can choose to turn a Legendary weapon into a Masterwork version by spending 10 Cores and 25 Shards. You can also change from a PvE tracker to Crucible tracker for the same cost, but frankly, that seems expensive for so small a modification.

After a weapon has been turned into a Masterwork version, highlight the lower-left new slot to reroll which specific stat gets a bonus for 3 Masterwork Cores and 25 Legendary Shards.

This reroll lets you change something like a 10% bonus to magazine size, for instance, into 10% increased reload speed (or one of the other randomized options). What you get is the luck of the roll though, so there's no guarantee you will have gotten what you want for spending all those Cores.

 Upgrading to Masterwork

Special thanks go out to YouTubers GuidingLight and Mesa Sean for the screenshots.

What Masterworks have you found so far, and has this change in weapon drops brought you back to the game? Let us know in the comments!

2017's Biggest Gaming Controversies Sat, 23 Dec 2017 19:00:01 -0500 bazookajo94


So, clearly, 2017 wasn't our year in gaming. Bullying is still a problem, both by other gamers and apparently by the companies too, and everyone's out for a quick buck. Racism is still happening, and having quarrels over who stole whose idea is running amok in the threads of the internet. 


Woven together, these controversies create a giant tapestry of hatred, greed, and apathy. 


Where can people turn when what once served as a distraction from the harsh realities of the world becomes one of the harsh realities? 


Suppose we could always just play Mario. He'll always be there for us.


You're either the type of person who saves the best for last or the worst for last; in this instance, it's both. 


Battlefront 2 stands at the forefront of 2017's biggest gaming controversies with their stance about loot boxes, their players, and their company policies. 


Everyone and their mother has probably heard by now about the rigged Battlefront 2 loot crate and hero unlocking system as an obvious ploy for money. Players could grind for an unreasonable and nearly impossible amount of time, or they could instead just buy upgrades that have significant impacts on gameplay and progression. EA's initial response earned them the most downvoted comment in the history of Reddit (maybe even the world). 


Obviously, that didn't go over so well with the community. 


Threats of refunds and abandonment of the franchise caused EA to suspend their microtransaction feature, but no one's holding out hope that when it returns, they won't still have to pay money for features that should already be available to them in a $60 game. 


Apparently, if you wanna be considered a game these days, you gotta have loot crates. 


But with so much strife surrounding the term "loot crates," it's a wonder how any game hopes to survive with them as an added feature. 


Call of Duty: WWII brings their loot crates into the ring with a more "prestige" flair than money-grubbing, but for some reason, Call of Duty is also giving incentives not only for opening a loot box, but for watching another player open theirs, too.


Though these boxes can be purchased with both real money or in-game currency, the whole ordeal feels perilously close to gambling, and the game's schemes are more about psychological manipulation than they are a blatant grab for money. 


This instance is just another in a long list of reminders that modern gaming puts a lot more focus on a grab for money than they used to. 


There's nothing quite like discovering that the system is rigged. You don't know whether to be outraged by the mistreatment or proud of yourself for finding it out (probably both). 


That's certainly how players felt about the controversy surrounding Destiny 2 and the fact that during one of the game's experience boost events, players thought they were gaining experience as usual, when in actuality, Bungie was "throttling XP progress invisibly while telling players they were earning XP as usual."


Because this process is tied to the game's microtransactions, needless to say, players felt that a ploy was afoot. Bungie rushed to fix the discrepancy, but once that kind of evil enters the world, it will never leave. 


This next controversy is best described as a hissy fit. That's right: a hissy fit. 


When Fortnite released their own battle royale mode after the already successful PUBG, developer Bluehole, outraged, complained that Epic Games stole the idea from them and took legal action against them. This spurred on a whole debate over developers "owning a genre," as the concept of a battle royale is not an entirely original idea, and began a race between the two games for supremacy (and for a moment, the winner was Fortnite). 


Though I haven't heard anything bad about either game, when one developer throws shade at another, people are probably more likely to side with the developers who aren't trying to own an idea. 


The Last of Us is a brutal game. It's rated M for a reason. Scary, bloody, traumatizing things happen in the game to both the characters and the players.


These same scary, bloody, and traumatizing things happen in The Last of Us: Part 2 trailer -- and people didn't feel too good about it. 


Though the first trailer is everything everyone's ever wanted out of a sequel for the game (Ellie playing a guitar and Joel calling her kiddo), the second released trailer had a lot more violence. Like, a lot more violence. 



In a Forbes article about the game, they mention that the needless violence of the trailer felt more like "shock value," while others argue that it's a grown-up game for grown-up people, and violence is okay. 


Regardless of which stance someone takes about the violence, we won't really know for sure what to expect until the game's release. 


As an avid watcher of streamers and an eternal fan of RPGs, I was surprised that I hadn't seen much about Persona 5 until I started reading the lists praising it. 


And then I found out about the streaming controversy surrounding it, and everything suddenly made sense. 


After its Japan release, developers disabled Persona 5's PS4 share features in order to avoid spoilers for other players. As soon as the game was released worldwide, Atlus allowed shared footage (but still no screenshots), though players had to follow a few guidelines and read a few disclaimers first. 


This was a valiant effort to try to keep the ending a surprise for the people who care about the storytelling experience, but there's no way to stop people from posting spoilers on the internet. 


Let me reiterate: there is no way to stop people from posting spoilers on the internet, and if you try to stop them, you are going to have a bad time. 


Just remember that, kids. Stay away from the internet if you don't want spoilers. Because even with the lack of footage I found for the game, if I really cared that much, I could have just Googled it. 


So far, the controversies I've mentioned have consisted of someone being punished because someone has been an asshole. This next controversy follows along that theme. 


Following the release of Friday the 13th: The Game, players anticipated a unique horror game they could play with their friends in a scary environment. Instead, they dealt with the aforementioned assholes who would verbally abuse other players (including the threat of rape/sexual assault), racism, and exploitation, among other offenses. 


Developers Gun Media took action against these malicious players, banning them from Friday the 13th -- which, naturally, made these players angry, as well as others who thought they were unfairly banned. Though Gun Media allowed players to come back if they were simply taking advantage of a bug that had since been fixed, for those who displayed verbal abuse and racism, their ban was not lifted. 


So maybe our take-away lesson for this is to stop being an asshole.


There's a fine line between people doing what they want and people taking that power and doing things they shouldn't. 


Rockstar Games and their parent developers Take-Two tried to cross that line, and public outrage ensued. 


Back in June, Take-Two issued OpenIV tools to no longer allow online players the modding feature in Grand Theft Auto 5, as they were using the mods to not only be malicious to other players but to "allow third-parties to defeat security features of its software and modify that software."


Though their ban was in noble pursuits -- trying to stop bullying and retaining a fun environment for all players -- taking away creative licenses from people who expect the gaming feature made quite a few players a little testy. 


Racism is bad. I can't believe we still have to say this in 2017. I can't believe we still have to tell people that they can't be racist. 


And if a beloved public figure is racist, they are soon to be not beloved anymore. 


Earlier this year, popular YouTuber JonTron released a series of comments reflecting his racist and political views. Upon discovery of the comments, Playtonic, developers of Yooka-Laylee, a game in which JonTron had a voice acting role, removed JonTron from the game. 


It is refreshing to see a developer act so fast when a public figure does something wrong. 


Let me reiterate: it is refreshing to see someone be punished for doing something wrong rather than keeping their position. 


Good on you, Playtonic. 


Just when people started to think that 2017 couldn't get any worse, so close to the end, it, well, got worse. Though I am reluctant to bring more negativity into the world by mentioning the repeal of a basic human right, the loss of net neutrality is but another reminder that no one in a position of power cares what the public has to say anymore. 


And when there are those who hope to avoid this negativity and distract themselves from the horrid way the year is ending by visiting a beloved pastime, they find they cannot even avoid the drama anywhere. 


Yes, 2017 was a year for controversies in the gaming industry, with Battlefront II and PUBG taking the forefront near the end. Many of this year's controversies also dealt with corporate greed and lack of compassion for players (read: the public). 


So I better get this article published before no one's allowed to read it anymore.

Destiny 2 Guide: How to Obtain the Perfect Paradox Shotgun Wed, 13 Dec 2017 17:02:44 -0500 Joshua Broadwell

Destiny 2's Curse of Osiris expansion just keeps on giving. Along with the original 10 Lost Prophecies that had players collecting various items and completing sub-quests, there is now a new Lost Prophecy called Another Verse to complete, and apart from being full of lore, it gives you one of the game's best weapons as well. Here's how to get it.

Accessing Another Verse

Before Brother Vance will offer you the Lost Prophecy Another Verse, you'll have to complete the first 10 Lost Prophecies as well (and you can check out our guide for how to do that, too). Once that's done, head back to the Lighthouse and speak to Brother Vance. In addition to Another Verse, you'll be given a new mission: Signal Light on Mercury. It sends you back to the Infinite Forest and starts unveiling some of the lore behind the game and Saint 14.

Item Collecting

Speak to Brother Vance again after completing Signal Light, and he tasks you with collecting six items: 2 Concentrated Radiolarian Culture, 2 Advanced Paradox Amplifiers, and 2 Fossilized Hermaion Blossoms (we've got you covered for how to find the blossoms, too).

Not Even the Darkness

After collecting the necessary items, Brother Vance gives you another mission: Not Even the Darkness. Here, you'll actually pursue Saint 14 and learn what happened to him.

Perfect Paradox Shotgun

Finally, after you complete Not Even the Darkness, Brother Vance allows you to forge the Perfect Paradox Shotgun. Here's a rundown of its stats:

  • Rounds per minute: 100
  • Impact: 65
  • Range: 39
  • Stability: 42
  • Reload Speed: 68
  • Handling: 49


Let us know in the comments if you plan on using the Perfect Paradox, and check out our other Destiny 2 guides as well!

The State of RPGs in 2017 Tue, 26 Dec 2017 12:32:38 -0500 Joseph Rowe

2017 saw a slew of new, noteworthy RPGs. Although most were sequels of previously established series, they were long-awaited sequels, and most were well received. Both Western and Japanese developers brought something to the table this year, so put on your RPG bib and get ready to dig in to our State of RPGs in 2017 roundup!

The Biggest RPG Releases of 2017

Mass Effect: Andromeda

Let's start this list off a little funky. Let's tackle the mess that was Mass Effect: Andromeda. The sequel to the mostly well-received Mass Effect trilogy had been anticipated for half a decade. While by no means the worst game of the year, many fans were disappointed with the weird graphics and the less-than-stellar storyline, likely caused by the game changing hands many times throughout its development. It currently sits at a user rating of 4.8 on Metacritic, with GameSkinny's ElConquistadork including it in his 5 Worst Games of 2017, but our own Synzer gave it a 9/10, showing that some fans of the series did end up loving it. They say that true art is controversial. I'm not sure that applies to this situation, but I imagine it's something the devs tell themselves to feel better about the scores it received.

Persona 5

It finally came out! Many Persona fans, including myself, had been anticipating this game for the better half of a decade. Luckily, the wait was worth it because Persona 5 lived up to the hype. With a user score of 9.1 on Metacritic, it's safe to say it was incredibly well received by most players. And with sweet tracks like the one above, can you blame them?

If you've been sitting out on buying any new RPGs this year, I recommend picking this one up! Whether it's the beautiful graphics, the gripping plot involving a talking cat and nearly mummified hikikomori, or its stellar soundtrack, there are no downsides to this masterpiece -- except maybe spending too much time building your social links/confidants up and neglecting your actual friends.

Torment: Tides of Numenera

The spiritual successor to Planescape: Torment, Torment: Tides of Numenerais a story-rich 2.5D isometric RPG in which players take on the role of a reincarnated ancient being (more or less). In the process of controlling this dude, players have to make some pretty tough decisions that will have long-term effects on their gameplay. If you liked the original, GameSkinny's Ty Arthur thinks you'll like the new one, too. It does only have a 7 on Metacritic, indicating mixed reviews, but if you're looking for an in-depth, complex, story-based throwback RPG, you're going to be hard pressed to find a better one available right now -- unless you wanna just keep replaying Planescape and Icewind Dale.


This game has been described as a mix between Dark Souls and Onimusha. If that's not enough to grab your interest, I don't know what is. With a user rating of 8.5 for the PS4 version on Metacritic, Nioh was received quite well. Players loved its Souls series difficulty and kind-of-similar mechanics, and they praised the game's creativity that set it apart from other Souls-like games currently on the market. It's also made by Team Ninja, so if you're a Ninja Gaiden fan, you're missing out if you haven't picked this up yet.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

In a really big departure from the usual formula of the series, Nintendo went ahead and built a cooking Legend of Zelda game with an amazing open-world game built around it. Breath of the Wild is a breath of fresh air for the series, introducing tons of new gameplay elements, including a durability-based weapon system, crazy interactive environment elements that allow you to set fires, a tasty cooking system, and a degree of freedom that makes every other Zelda game look insanely linear. It currently sits at an 8.4 on Metacritic, with the only real complaints being about the durability system, but nearly everyone agrees that this is one of the best Zelda games in recent memory. 

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

2017 brought with it a sequel to 2014's Stick of Truth. This time around, the focus is on superhero movie franchises. According to GameSkinny's own Ashley Gill, the game was a solid entry into the franchise and different enough from its predecessor to set it apart. Sitting at a 7.6 for the PS4 version on Metacritic, The Fractured But Whole has been praised for its combat system, its soundtrack, and its faithfulness to the humor and look of the Comedy Central original. Some players, like Ashley, weren't impressed by the crafting system, but most players enjoyed the rest of the game thoroughly regardless of its flaws.

Nier: Automata

One of the most well-received RPGs of the year, Nier: Automata sits at a user score of 8.8 on Metacritic. Practically everything about the game received praise, including its character design, its story, and especially its varied gameplay. The game is a sequel to the original Nier, made by PlatinumGames. Both games are spin-offs of the Drakengard series. Not only is the game itself amazing, but it's got a rich story that is only enhanced by any enjoyment or knowledge you have of the previous game and its sister series. Who doesn't love action RPGs with anime androids?

Hand of Fate 2

In Hand of Fate 2, players take control of a character who must fight through various multi-floored dungeons set up by a a dungeon master-like entity known as the Dealer. It combines roguelike, RPG, and deck-building gameplay to bring a unique spin to the genre. If you're a fan of D&D or other tabletop RPGs, this is definitely worth checking out. It's been generally well received, with a user score of 7.7 on Metacritic. The main criticism that pops up is its combat, but players praise its other gameplay mechanics and the improvements the sequel made over the original.

Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon

 In the spirit of other second releases of Pokemon games, Pokemon: Ultra Sun/Moon is basically the same as its originals but with a few extra goodies. It comes with a new Mantine surfing mini-game, a new online battle mode that allows players to rent Pokemon to create a new team, a Fairy-type trial, totem stickers, and more. One of the biggest updates is that the game now actually contains a real gym, whereas the original games got around that with the Island Trials. The coolest new feature added to the game is its post-game: you fight a supergroup of the previous game's evil organization leaders. Their name is Team Rainbow Rocket, which is the sickest name ever, I don't care who you are. If you're a hardcore Pokemon fan, this is worth checking out, but if you're not, you're probably fine just sticking with the 2016 release.


The Remastered RPG Releases of 2017

Final Fantasy XII: the Zodiac Age

If you weren't a fan of the original Final Fantasy XII, like GameSkinny's Ashley Gill, then you might still want to give this new game a try, as it completely remakes the MMORPG combat system into something more appropriate to the mainline Final Fantasy series. Not only does The Zodiac Age update the combat (which Ashley loved and which I will reserve my judgment on because I am one of three people who actually liked the original FFXII's MMORPG-style combat), but it also gives the game a lovely new set of updated graphics and, especially, sound.  Whether you're a fan of the original game or not, if you're looking for a new Final Fantasy to spend your time with this year, this one might be right for you.

Skyrim VR

Have you ever wanted to Fus Roh Dah a dragon face to face? Well, now thanks to the PS4 VR version of the game, you can. There's not much new to report on this other than some people really love Skyrim VR, and some people really hate it. If you're a fan of VR, though, you'll probably dig this update to the much-beloved fifth installment of the Elder Scrolls series.

.Hack//G.U. Last Recode

Forget about your Sword Art Onlines and your Log Horizons, the OG stuck-in-a-game game is back with a re-release of the original .Hack//G.U. trilogy as well as a new installment: .hack//G.U. Vol. 4//Reconnection. Fans of the original game series or the anime, manga, and light novels it's based on will love this (re)release. .Hack//G.U. Last Recode sits at a well-received score of 7.9 on Metacritic, with players praising its improvements/updates to the original, its story, and its addictive gameplay.


What Was New in the World of Online RPGs of 2017

World of Warcraft: Legion continues

(The cinematic above contains some pretty serious spoilers, so watch at your own discretion.)

While World of WarcraftLegion came out back in 2016, it concluded this year with players finally confronting Sargeras and banishing him to space baby jail, while Illidan watches over him in a surprisingly poetic resolution to our demon hunting buddy's storyline. There's an upcoming patch that will tide players over until Battle for Azeroth releases, but for now, players will be spending their time raiding Antorus or competing in the current PvP season.

Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind

Introducing the Warden as a new class as well as bringing players to the location of the beloved third Elder Scrolls game, The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind received mixed scores from players, largely debating about whether the price was worth it. However, many players feel like this gave the game enough fresh content to keep them interested, especially all that new lore. Delicious. It's what finally convinced me to want to give the game a shot.

FFXIV: Stormblood

In a bold move, FFXIV: Stormblood introduces the brand-new classes Samurai and Red Mage. Oh, wait, they're not new to the series? Well, they're new to this game along with a new level cap, new areas to explore, new primals, a new raid, and a few other new features. It was given a 7.1 user score on Metacritic, indicating that it was received neither well nor poorly. Most of the negative reviews came from players who had server issues, but the content itself seems to have been well received, making this one of the better MMO expansions to check out this year.

Destiny 2 and Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris

Bungie is a bit weird. They just released Destiny 2 back in September on the PS4 and XBox One, then released it for PC on October 24th. Yet, this month brought with it the game's first expansion: Curse of Osiris. Just like the original, the game is basically an FPS MMORPG that features both PvE and PvP. Unlike the original, it came with a better matchmaking system. It was well received at launch, with most players praising its varied gameplay, its graphics, and its new storylines. However, some players have since soured to the game because of the quick release of its expansion, which involved gating content from the original behind expansion-only gear levels (as well as misleading players in the original about the amount of XP they were earning). The Curse of Osiris' Metacritic score currently sits at a 1.7 for users, but that is likely due to (warranted) salt over the developer's content gating and the XP issue.


I wanted to like Absolver much more than I did. I really did. It's like Dark Souls and Jade Empire with a softer aesthetic. It was pretty great to play -- when it worked. However, this PvE-lite, PvP-focused online martial arts RPG was plagued with insane server issues at launch that killed a lot of the potential love I had for it. I gave it a 6, but the user score on Metacritic was a little bit higher at 6.6. It might be worth revisiting now that there's been some time to work out the server issues, but I'd rather just go back to Persona 5.

Citadel: Forged with Fire

This is another game that was plagued with issues in its early-access days when I was writing the review for itCitadel: Forged with Fire was an incredibly promising sandbox. It's like the other games, except you're a wizard and you fly on a broom. That might not sound exciting, but have you ever flown on a broom before? It's pretty dope. The main problems I had with the game were based on its early-access nature leading to numerous instances of game-breaking bugs, like server crashes, enemies who didn't attack, and an incredibly hard-to-navigate server browser. However, other players have reported that those issues have since been fixed for the most part, and the game's more recent reviews on Steam have been mostly positive. Given all that, it might be worth checking out if you want to get your Gandalf on.


What Does 2018 Have in Store for Us?

Kingdom Hearts III

While likely not coming out in 2018, a writer can hope, can't he? I've largely avoided playing the other games in the series (besides 1 and 2), so I've been waiting for Kingdom Hearts III for longer than I'd like to admit. When will Goofy come home?

All we have for now are trailers to hold us off, but luckily, this year's E3 showed off the combat system a bit more. The game looks just as good as it ever was. I can't wait to beat Pete up. Also, shout out to the accurate James Woods impersonator playing Hades in the Japanese dub.

Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom

The long-anticipated sequel to the original Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom comes out next year. Hype yourselves up, anime nerds, because this is looking to be a promising sequel. The Ghibli veterans who worked on the original game are reprising their roles for this, so if you got that same feeling from the trailer, you're justified. We might not get a Princess Mononoke 2 anytime soon, but at least we got this.


WoW: Battle for Azeroth

The Horde's done it again. We somehow managed to be aggressors again because story. So, after saving our world from utter annihilation and banishing Sargeras to titan jail, we will have another war with WoW: Battle for Azeroth. But at least we get some new allied races coming in, like the Zandalari Trolls and Void Elves. You'll catch me playing a Highmountain Tauren Druid while I explore Zandalar.

Call of Cthulu

Fans of horror RPGs and Lovecraft have a tasty little treat to look forward to next year: Call of Cthulu. Based off of the tabletop RPG of the same name, which is based off of Lovecraft's Mythos, players will be investigating some seriously spooky stuff in Boston, Massachusetts.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

When most Americans think of Bohemians, they tend to think of beatniks, but Kingdom Come: Deliverance is about to show that the Kingdom of Bohemia is back, sans the Kerouac books. This game is billed as being based on 15th century European history in the Holy Roman Empire. Everything from the clothing to the castles to the soundtrack is meant to be period accurate. If you're looking for a medieval RPG without the fantasy, this game will be worth keeping an eye on.


2017 has been a pretty generous year for RPG fans. Whether you're a fan of traditional JRPGs or Western MMOs, there's something for pretty much everyone. Persona 5 was hands down my favorite this year. How about you? What was your favorite RPG this year? Are there any games I overlooked? What are you looking forward to most next year? Let me know in the comments!


Destiny 2 Guide: How to Get Fossilized Hermaion Blossoms Thu, 07 Dec 2017 18:36:18 -0500 Joshua Broadwell

Despite some criticism for its brevity, Destiny 2's Curse of Osiris expansion provides plenty of reasons for players to come back for more. One of the ways it does this is through the Lost Prophecy quests that grant you access to some of the game's best weapons (and you can check out those quests in our Lost Prophecies Verses guide). But one particular item required for some of these is causing a bit of puzzlement among players: the Fossilized Hermaion Blossom. Never fear! We've put together this handy guide to help get you started item farming.

What Is a Fossilized Hermaion Blossom in Destiny 2?

Fossilized Hermaion Blossoms are one of three items needed for Lost Prophecy offerings, with the other two being Concentrated Radiolarian Culture and the Advanced Paradox Amplifier. These are all used at the Infinite Forge with Brother Vance after completing Osiris' main campaign. Once you have the necessary items required for fulfilling one of the Lost Prophesy Verses and complete the offering, you're rewarded with a special weapon. Special in the sense that its damage level is automatically higher than what you're using at the time.

Great! Now, How Do I Get Hermaion Blossoms?

You can obtain one Hermaion Blossom by playing either Nightfall Skies, Trials of the Nine Matches, or Heroic Strikes. But item drop rewards are random, so there's no guarantee you'll obtain a Fossilized Hermaion Blossom at any given point. If you want to complete all the Verses or obtain specific weapons, you'll be grinding for a while.

You Mentioned Weapons and Hermaion Blossoms?

Fossilized Hermaion Blossoms are required for Verses 5 and 7-10, usually one or two alongside another item. But Verse 10 is one of the more rewarding -- and difficult -- to complete. It requires 3 Fossilized Hermaion Blossoms alone and rewards you with Future Safe 10. Future Safe 10 is a sword and one of the more balanced weapons, whose perks, such as Jagged Edge and Hungry Edge, make it well suited for attacking.

Future Safe 10 Stats:

  • Speed: 46
  • Impact: 62
  • Range: 46
  • Efficiency: 55
  • Defense: 46


Do you plan on hunting down some Fossilized Hermaion Blossoms and adding the Future Safe 10 to your arsenal? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to check out our other Destiny 2 guides! Here are a few to get you started: 

Destiny 2: How to Get the Crimson Hand Cannon Thu, 07 Dec 2017 14:59:08 -0500 Ty Arthur

When the campaign is over and the serious raiding begins, Destiny 2 is all about the quest for more powerful gear to increase your overall Light level. Forget character level, because it's the gear that makes the Guardian.

Thankfully, the freshly released Curse Of Osiris expansion has several new additions to the growing list of exotic weapons available to those who are willing to put in the effort to get new engrams.

Besides the devastatingly powerful Prometheus Lens exotic trace rifle (which is causing more than a few problems in PvP), now you can also potentially get your hands on the triple-burst Crimson Hand Cannon exotic -- if you are on a lucky streak!

How to Get the Crimson Hand Cannon

This isn't an answer anyone wants, but sadly it's the truth: there's no surefire way to get the Crimson Hand Cannon. It doesn't drop reliably in any one location, it's not in a locked container like the Lighthouse regional chest, and it isn't ever a reward for a quest. I wish I could tell you to go to location X and kill Y number of Vex to grab it, but I can't.

It's totally up to random chance whether you get the Crimson as you grind for exotic engrams over time. At the moment, just playing more and keeping your fingers crossed is your best hope.

Don't forget, though, that after the impending Destiny 2 December 12th patch, it will be possible to get engrams that decrypt into exotics you haven't acquired yet through Xur. That should make for much less of a grind in the RNG hell that is Destiny 2 at the moment, and it should put more players on an even footing as exotics will be less difficult to acquire.

 Crimson Hand Cannon Lore

Destiny 2 Crimson Hand Cannon Stats

So after all that grinding for exotic engrams (or random luck and getting it immediately, you lucky son of ...), what's all the fuss about with this dinky, little pistol?

Although it doesn't fire a continuous beam of ever more-damaging energy like the Prometheus Lens, and it certainly isn't the biggest gun on the block, the Crimson Hand Cannon is still a beast of a weapon with the following stats and traits:

  • 310 attack
  • High Impact
  • Extremely High Stability 
  • High Range
  • High Reload Speed
  • Low Handling
  • Rounds Per Minute - 386
  • Magazine - 24
  • Smallbore Barrel
  • Accurized Rounds
  • Heavy Grip 
  • Banned Weapon Intrinsic Ability (3-round burst)
  • Cruel Remedy Trait

Most of the traits listed above just increase the stability, impact, and so on, but it's those bottom two that are particularly interesting (and by interesting, I mean "devastating to anything standing in front of you").

According to Vanguard policy, the weapon does not exist and features the "Banned" ability that lets it fire off in a three-round burst with each squeeze of the trigger for massive damage.

Each kill you rack up (and you will rack them up quickly) also heals you thanks to Cruel Remedy, which frankly will seem a little unfair to anyone on the other side of the equation. If you get precision kills, the magazine also refills for free ammo.

 Crimson Hand Cannon Stats

Have you managed to randomly get the Crimson Hand Cannon yet, or are you still grinding away and praying to the RNG gods above? Let us know when you manage to snag one because you officially have our envy!

Ready to tackle the other Curse Of Osiris challenges after nabbing the Crimson? Check out our other guides for this world-expanding DLC:

Destiny 2 Lighthouse Chest Puzzle Guide Thu, 07 Dec 2017 12:15:54 -0500 Ty Arthur

The Curse Of Osiris DLC for Destiny 2 is jam packed with new content for those who devoured the game in its first few months of release, featuring more than a few secrets to unlock if you look hard enough.

One of those curiosities is a region chest locked behind a barrier of light that can't be broken no matter how hard you try. There's a secret to bringing down that impenetrable barrier if you can figure out a puzzle.

Essentially, your Guardian will be throwing a series of switches in the proper order, only in this case, your goal is picking up books instead of actually hitting switches. Hit all five books in the order required, and that luscious loot is all yours!

Unlocking The Destiny 2 Lighthouse Region Chest

This blocked regional chest is found in the area of the Lighthouse where Brother Vance is standing by all of his books on prophecy. The chest is located behind a force field underneath the stone catwalk to the left of the room's entrance.

Book 1 - Compelling Book

To get the puzzle started, interact with the Compelling Book found just to the left of Brother Vance on the stone countertop. It's sitting to the right of a rolled-up scroll and is clearly marked by a glowing symbol of Osiris.

 Book 1 Location

Book 2 - Marked Book

From the first book, turn around and go past Brother Vance. In the direction Brother Vance is facing, keep going forward until you hit the room's wall. This book is on the second shelf on that wall, just above a red and orange device.

If you are instead coming in from the room's main entrance, the second book is found by turning right and going along the wall until you hit this bookshelf between two burning torches.

 Book 2 Location

Book 3 - Aged Book

From the second book, turn around so you are facing the interior of the room and then turn left. Go across the stairs to the other section of the room, and you can find the third book on the lower bookshelf next to a burning torch. If you are instead coming in the room from the outside, it's just to your left (and near the drop-off point to find the force field).

 Book 3 Location

Book 4 - Curious Book

From the third book, turn and go back the way you came across the stairs. Keep going forward until you see the large stone column on your left and the bookcases on your right. Just past that point, turn to face left, and you should see this book sitting on a table.

 Book 4 Location

Book 5 - Significant Book

From the fourth book's position, turn around yet again and go all the way back towards where you found the third book. Keep going until you walk past the forge with the 12-pointed star on the wall. Just past the star are a bunch of candles on the wall. Jump up onto the bookshelf next to those candles to find this fifth and final book up on a higher ledge.

 Book 5 Location

Even though you've hit all the switches, you aren't quite done yet with the process, as you still have to decrypt the firewall by interacting with a conflux (the glowing pillar of light). The conflux is found just a bit beyond the table where the fourth book was sitting.

 Conflux Location

After using the conflux, the field of light should now be gone, and you can claim your reward (special thanks to YouTuber Esoterickk for the screenshots).

Note that the barrier may already be down if someone else in the room completed the puzzle, and you can even help others complete it if they've started but haven't finished the book sequence.

 Opening the Lighthouse chest

Now that you've got your special Lighthouse regional chest, ready to tackle the other Curse Of Osiris challenges? Check out our other Destiny 2 guides:

Destiny 2 Curse Of Osiris Lost Prophecy Verses Guide Wed, 06 Dec 2017 16:03:40 -0500 Ty Arthur

The unbearable months-long wait is over as Destiny 2 finally gets a major expansion with new content in Curse Of Osiris, which means it's time to jump back into the game!

Players can now find devastating new exotics like the Prometheus Lens tracer rifle and get an overdue bump on the character and light level caps.

Of course there's also new side missions that result in unique Legendary gear. These new weapons are only available after you grind some specific offering components to complete a set of verses in the Lost Prophecies.

Starting Destiny 2 Lost Prophecies

After completing the main Curse Of Osiris campaign, talk to Brother Vance at the Lighthouse to get started on completing the Lost Prophecies (some players have reported Vance won't actually give them the Lost Prophecy info until after completing a Heroic Adventure first).

Look through his inventory of verses in the Lost Prophecies and pick one you want to finish (these don't all have to be done in order from 1 to 11). Once the verse is in your inventory, take a look at it to see the specific requirements for the quest.

To finish off a verse and get your new Legendary weapon, you have to get specific offerings and use them in your inventory to create a Prophecy Tablet. Each offering item is usable and will be consumed when you activate it.

Once that's done, take the Tablet back to Brother Vance and choose the option to transmute it. With that transmuted Tablet in hand, head over to the forge (the device connected to the 11 pointed star on the wall in the Lighthouse).

Interact with the forge to get your weapon reward, and then look at the star to see which verses you've completed and which are still incomplete.

  Finding a verse's offering requirements

Lost Prophecy Verse Offering Requirements

Offerings to complete any given Lost Prophecy verse are acquired in different ways, like engaging in Strikes, Public Events, and Adventures, and most can be found on Mercury. To see the specifics for each verse, choose the Details option while hovering over the verse in your inventory.

The Details screen tells you specifics like "acquired from public event chests" or "acquired from Heroic Adventures on Mercury" and so on. Essentially, you are looking for random drops at places you'd already be going. 

Below we list out every weapon and verse combo discovered so far, along with what offerings you need to use in your inventory to get the Tablet. Have you completed any of the verses we didn't get to yet? Let us know in the comments, and we'll get this list updated!

Prophecy Weapon Offerings
 Verse 1  Garden Progeny 1 (Scout Rifle) Concentrated Radiolarian Culture
 Verse 2  The Conqueror 2 (SMG) Concentrated Radiolarian Culture x2
Advanced Paradox Amplifier
 Verse 3  Jack, Queen King 3 (Hand Cannon Concentrated Radiolarian Culture
Advanced Paradox Amplifier x2
 Verse 4  Machine Dei 4 (Pulse Rifle) Concentrated Radiolarian Culture x3
 Verse 5  Traveler's Judgment 5 (Sidearm) Advanced Paradox Amplifier x3
Fossilized Hermaion Blossom
 Verse 6  Sol Pariah 6 (SMG) Concentrated Radiolarian Culture x2
Advanced Paradox Amplifier x2
 Verse 7  West of Sunfall 7 (Hand Cannon) Advanced Paradox Amplifier
Fossilized Hermaion Blossom x2
 Verse 8  Infinite Paths 8 (Pulse Rifle) Advanced Paradox Amplifier x2
Fossilized Hermaion Blossom x2
 Verse 9  Null Calamity 9 (Auto Rifle) Concentrated Radiolarian Culture x2
Advanced Paradox Amplifier x2
Hermaion Blossom x2
 Verse 10  Future Safe 10 (Sword) Fossilized Hermaion Blossom x3
 Verse 11  Perfect Paradox Legends Lost quest


Good luck finding all the offerings and grabbing every weapon! Special thanks go out to YouTuber Rikudou for the Lost Prophecy screenshots.

Now that you're on the quest to finish all the verses, you might be looking for help on the rest of the game and its expansion. From raids to exotic weapon lists and even vendor locations, our full list of Destiny 2 walkthroughs can be found right here. Here are a few guides to get you started: 

  • Lighthouse Chest Puzzle
  • How to Get the Crimson Hand Cannon
  • Prometheus Lens Exotic Trace Rifle
  • Curse Of Osiris' New Level Cap
  • How to get Hermaion Blossoms in the Curse of Osiris
  • Destiny 2 Exotics and How to Get Them
  • Destiny 2 Beginner's Guide
  • How to Replay Story Missions
  • Destiny 2 Clan Guide
  • How to Unlock Challenges
  • Activating Heroic Public Events
  • How to Get the Kill Tracker Ghost
  • What to Do at Max Level
Destiny 2 Guide: Prometheus Lens Exotic Trace Rifle Wed, 06 Dec 2017 13:07:03 -0500 Ty Arthur

The first major game expansion, Curse Of Osiris, has officially landed for Destiny 2, bringing in the ability to finally explore Mercury along with a host of gameplay tweaks long sought by the fan base.

In addition to an increase in the weirdly low-starting Destiny 2 level cap come new areas, new enemies, and more importantly: new exotic gear to distinguish your character!

Remember the Coldheart pre-order bonus tracer rifle from way back at launch? Now there's finally another major exotic in that category, and it's absolutely killer.

If you're lucky, you may just land the Prometheus Lens exotic trace rifle, which is currently outclassing all other weapons due to its odd firing mechanism. With its high base level requirement, you actually have a reason to work towards the new level cap as well!

Destiny 2 Prometheus Lens Stats

If the roll of the dice in the exotic RNG hell lands in your favor and you unlock this rare trace rifle, here are the base stats for the devastatingly powerful Prometheus Lens:

  • 320 attack
  • Requires Level 22
  • Extremely High Range
  • Extremely Low Impact
  • High Stability
  • Low Handling
  • Rounds Per Minute – 1,000
  • Magazine – 77
  • Prismatic Inferno Ability
  • Kills with this weapon return a fraction of the ammo used to the magazine

You might have noticed something rather odd in the stats on the Round Per Minute category. One major difference from your average rifle is that the Prometheus Lens fires a continuous beam in whatever direction you are facing instead of launching individual bullets, giving it a jaw-dropping 1,000 rating.

Obviously the Prometheus Lens exotic rifle chews through ammo extremely quickly since it fires a steady beam, but here's the kicker -- getting kills actually refills the ammo. That's already an awesome little perk, but it gets even better.

The Prismatic Inferno ability kicks this thing into overdrive, upping the damage the longer the Prometheus beam is fired. What this means is if you are aiming well and have a target-rich environment, you will be firing a long time, and everything will be dead.

The rifle excels against large numbers of weak opponents, but because of its long range, it can pretty much devastate anything if you manage to hit it for more than a second or two.

 Prometheus Lens Stats

While those abilities and high damage are great for the average mission, it also means the Prometheus Lens tracer rifle is absolutely dominating in Destiny 2 PvP right now, perhaps to an unfair degree.

Reddit and various Destiny forums are absolutely ablaze on how unbalancing the weapon can be against other players with a ludicrously low kill time. You can expect a patch in the future to nerf the weapon as the angry hordes rise up against Bungie's lack of foresight on this exotic.

Of course, whether you actually manage to get the Prometheus Lens or not is currently up to the fickle hand of fate, as it's totally random (although the odds obviously increase as you get more exotic engrams).

With changes coming later this month to balance out the chances of getting high-end equipment, it seems a good bet Xur will eventually sell this amazing tracer rifle.

 "Get me one, I don't care how you do it" about sums it up.

Special thanks to YouTuber CyberChaos for the screenshots above. Have you managed to get your hands on the Prometheus Lens exotic trace rifle yet, and has it become your go-to weapon of choice? Let us know in the comments!

Still need help with the rest of this ever-expanding sci-fi shooter? Be sure to check out even more Destiny 2 guides right here, and stay tuned as we cover every aspect of the Curse Of Osiris DLC that you need to know about. Here are some guides to get you started: 

Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris Review Thu, 07 Dec 2017 13:35:11 -0500 Joe Garcia

Destiny 2's first DLC, Curse of Osiris, has finally launched, and it's a breath of fresh air. New story missions, new Strikes, new adventures, and -- most importantly -- new loot await. Let's jump right in!


Curse of Osiris has added new story to deepen the lore behind the legend himself as well as introducing new characters and reintroducing old characters. One old face coming back is Brother Vance. He plays a meaningful role in the story as he tries to help your Guardian out by giving you a way to revive Sagira (Osiris' ghost). Ikora is the one who backs you all throughout the story, which is a nice change, as we get to see a side of her that wasn't shown before in any expansion. 

Not only do we battle the Vex from the past, present, and future, we also fight simulated versions of all of the previous enemies minus the Taken. These simulated versions are a bit stronger, but that's to make up for the increased level cap and Power level. The story is actually one of, if not the, coolest stories we have gotten in Destiny since The Taken King

The only gripe about the story is that it is very short. There are only a handful of story missions, and two of those missions are repurposed very slightly into the two new Strikes. The story really should have been twice as long, and the new Strike should have been brand-new yet still tied into the story. Hopefully Bungie can deliver a heftier story in the second DLC.

New Loot

With any expansion, we always get new amazing loot to chase after. With Curse of Osiris, we get seven returning exotics as well as eight new ones. We see the return of Helm of Saint-14, The Stag, Jade Rabbit, and Telesto to name a few. One exotic that had everyone going nuts was the new hand cannon version of Red Death from D1 called The Crimson. This hand cannon shoots in three-round bursts and has the same perk as its older brother (kills grant health regen), which is an awesome call back to D1

Eververse has a new, updated inventory with new ghost shells that look awesome; new armor that is Vex inspired and badass; and new exotic emotes, ships, and sparrows. The new stock is pretty awesome, and it shows that season two will not disappoint in the loot drops when it comes to the expansion. Did I mention that ornaments have made a return? Yeah, the ornament system is back, and to get them for your armor sets, you have to grind in either the Crucible or whatever activity is listed on the ornament. Nice touch.

Exclusive to the DLC, weapon forging has been added to give Guardians another incentive to grind in the endgame in order to create new weapons that are fused with Vex tech. This is brand-new and a slightly missed opportunity to not have weapons have random rolls that you can grind out to get god-rolls.


The endgame has been tweaked with the additions of the Heroic Strike playlist and Heroic adventures, but it's a bit disappointing that there are only three on Mercury. The new Raid content that has been added is the new Raid Lair in the Leviathan ship. The Lair is the first of two (that we know of) and will have new mechanics, puzzles, boss encounters, and its only specific loot table. So that is a much-needed addition to make the raid feel brand-new again. 

The Strikes haven't changed besides having a higher power level recommendation. As mentioned earlier, the two new strikes are story missions that have been slightly tweaked. That is just lazy and downright insulting. Being a video game programmer is not something that is easy at all, but making two Strikes that are tied to the story without being copied and pasted from the story is something that was 100% needed.

The Crucible has gotten two new maps on Titan that are a blast to play. This is basically the extent of what has been added to the Crucible outside of the new maps and armor ornaments. 


Overall, Curse of Osiris has added amazing moments, character development, and memorable characters to the ever-expanding universe of Destiny. The new loot table is impressive and satisfying as usual, and the longevity of the endgame was extended -- but not by enough to keep us all happy. There is still the Raid Lair set to be released at a later date, and that should keep the hardcore players going after they burn through all the content in a few days. 

Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris gets a solid 7/10. Good yet short story and amazing loot to earn. 

For more game reviews and news, stay tuned to GameSkinny!

Destiny 2 Guide to Curse of Osiris' New Level Cap Tue, 05 Dec 2017 15:24:29 -0500 Ty Arthur

Forget Christmas morning or pitching your tent for the midnight showing of The Last Jedi, what Destiny 2 fans have been waiting for all year is now here -- the first major content expansion for Bungie's shared-world shooter, Curse Of Osiris

Unfortunately, it landed with a rocky start, bringing along a whole lot of pre-load nonsense that ravenous players had to sift through. 

However, now that all that silliness is over, you can finally jump into the expansion and explore new areas like Mercury. It's not just extra locations, loot, and enemies arriving with this long-awaited DLC, however. Players have been clamoring for increases to the oddly low-level XP cap and equipment power level cap since the game's initial launch -- and the developers finally listened!

 Ready to meet up with Sagira and kill a couple of
thousand Vex while chasing after Osiris?

Destiny 2's New Level Cap in Curse of Osiris

Starting out at a paltry level 20, the character level cap has blessedly been increased today as Curse Of Osiris officially launches. Everyone who spent any serious time playing the base game reached that almost immediately and has been eagerly awaiting more.

It's not a huge increase, but the Destiny 2 level cap has now been bumped to 25, offering more progression opportunities for those who devoured the first 20 levels in a week or so.

Of course, hitting max level didn't mean you were done progressing, as the real metric for your character's effectiveness (and readiness for those hard end-game raids) is your total power level determined by your gear.

Originally capped at 305, you can now increase your total Destiny 2 light power level 335 (if you use Legendary mods).

What's On The Horizon For Destiny 2

The newly-increased maximum power level can be hard to reach due to the random nature of loot, with big changes reportedly coming in the near future to make equipment acquisition more reliable in the end game.

While quite a few tweaks to the game arrived with the Destiny 2 1.11 patch and the Curse Of Osiris DLC today, there are several anticipated updates that won't arrive until later in the month.

For instance, tweaks to the chest lock-out system and changes to faction leaders selling gear for Legendary shards (and selling more gear if you've redeemed more engrams) won't actually arrive until the 12th. Although there's no date set in stone yet, the coming months are also slated to see a ranked Crucible playlist, private Crucible matches, and protection from exotic duplicates.

What patch changes are you most looking forward to, and have you been trying out the new Curse Of Osiris content yet? Let us know in the comments below! While you're at it, make sure to check out our other Destiny 2 guides. Here area few to get you started: 

  • Destiny 2 Location Guide: Where is Xur? 
  • How to get Hermaion Blossoms in the Curse of Osiris
  • Destiny 2 Exotics and How to Get Them
  • Destiny 2 Beginner's Guide
  • How to Replay Story Missions
  • Destiny 2 Clan Guide
  • How to Unlock Challenges
  • Activating Heroic Public Events
  • How to Get the Kill Tracker Ghost
  • What to Do at Max Level
What Makes Destiny 2's XP Gaf So Dirty? Thu, 07 Dec 2017 17:33:54 -0500 Sarah Elliman

Monetization of video games is nothing new in the modern world, with multiplayer being the easiest place for a company to capitalize on the market. As gamers, we assume that we know when companies are being upfront about their dealings and when they are hiding content behind a paywall. But this is not always the case.

Reddit user and Destiny 2 grinder, EnergiserX, decided to investigate the XP system within Destiny 2, finding that there are considerable drops in the amount of XP that is retained while playing the game. EnergiserX found that the quicker you earn XP, the more diminishing returns you receive, recording as much as a staggering 95% XP loss. Even if you play casually you can still expect to lose anything up to 50%, although you will continue to gain XP, just at a much slower rate. This means that your progression speed towards unlocking Bright Engrams, which are earned by filling your XP bar, is significantly decreased the more you play the game.

It's worth noting that Bright Engrams are conveniently available to purchase in the Eververse store using Silver, Destiny 2's premium currency. You can receive cosmetic items such as shaders, sparrows, and ships from these engrams, which don't impact gameplay in any way.

After seeing the extensive amount evidence put together, Bungie released a statement explaining that they had now deactivated the system and would be taking another look at how they could improve upon it.

It is evident from the explanation given by Bungie that they knew the system was flawed, as the game's developer rightly should, and it seems that Bungie hoped that the system would go unnoticed. It therefore encourages players to purchase Silver, to obtain Bright Engrams quicker than they could by simply playing the game. This is purely speculation, but it doesn't look good for Bungie, who have been struggling to maintain good relations with their vocal fan-base since Destiny 2's launch.

EnergiserX stated that "over the 3 hours (he) should have earned 1.5 more bright engrams than (he) did (129,825 XP)." He even worked out how much money he had technically lost, which was the "equivalent of AUD$3.96 lost across 3 hours of gameplay." It's clear what Bungie were trying to achieve by capping the XP gained, and quite frankly, it's unacceptable. 

Many players have been incredibly vocal in airing their disgust with Bungie, considering that Destiny 2 was meant to be a game where you could earn all content through good old-fashioned gameplay. When there is so much of this evidence stacked up against Bungie, it unfortunately paints them in an unflattering, corporate light that players just can't get behind.  

It's also alarming that this was only rectified as a result of being called out on the issue. Why wasn’t it changed before it became public knowledge? There is no logical response other than the fact that they wanted to make a little more money and hid the system from players to do so. So kudos to EnergiserX for collecting such damning evidence against Bungie that shows the extent of their misguided attempt to make a few extra bucks.

This controversy has also come at the worst possible time -- right after the controversy surrounding Battlefront 2’s inherently unfair loot box based progression system has come to light. Considering Bungie's subterfuge with this system and other companies doing similar things, it makes us gamers feel disconnected with these companies who we at one point had great affection for. And with this being the case, it seems that more and more people are favoring indie titles, as smaller studios seem to be much more candid and open with their player-base. 

Ultimately, although the situation was resolved quickly, it was something that should have been solved without community intervention. It feels underhanded, makes gamers feel cheated, and Bungie has lost even more credibility with it's waning fan-base. The rampant monetization of the gaming industry is turning its fans against these companies, and if you don't have the fans on side, who are you making games for? People want to enjoy and cherish games, not feel like they have to hand over their wallets to publishers, that feel more like soulless corporations everyday.

I want to finish by giving shout-out to people like EnergiserX, who make gamers aware of things like this and are helping to push the industry as a whole away from these shady practices. It goes to show how powerful our collective voices can be, which is an inspiring thought.

What do you think of Destiny 2's EXP cap? Do you think Bungie were underhanded? Let us know in the comments below!

9 Best PS4 Games of 2017 Thu, 07 Dec 2017 10:58:16 -0500 bazookajo94


So there you go. Some of the greater things that came out of one of the worst years.


Hopefully 2018 will be better than its predecessors -- hopefully it'll be a year where people can feel happy again, and they won't have to make super relatable games about depression anymore. 


But, if all else fails, I'm sure we'll have Skyrim to look forward to -- you know, again. 


Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus


In this sequel to 2014's The New Order, MachineGame's Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus follows the story of veteran B.J. Blazkowicz in a war-ravaged America, fighting the eternal enemy: Nazis. The New Colossus received  praises for its combat and imaginative world building, in addition to being a lot of fun to play in general. 


There's nothing like playing a game that could just as soon be a movie. All the blockbuster intensity and action, except you actually get to be a part of blowing up Nazis with some really cool guns. 


Night in the Woods


Let's take a step back from the blockbusters for a minute. Though they deserve their place among the best of the year, so do the seemingly littler guys, like Night in the Woods


Night in the Woods, developed by Infinite Fall and released in February, is a single-player adventure game that follows the story of Mae, an anthropomorphic cat who has dropped out of college and returned to live at home. Upon her return home, she uncovers a secret that changes all she knows about her friends, her town, and her life. 


The game surpassed its funding goal by over 400% on Kickstarter, and its acclaim has grown ever since. Night in the Woods has been praised for its writing and character development, bringing to the forefront the very real horrors of depression and mental illness. 


So if you were looking for another reason to begrudge the changes happening in the world, I think you've just found it. 




I never thought I would hear the words "Irish" and "samurai" together in the same sentence, let alone as a singular phrase, until I discovered Nioh


That's right. You get to play as an Irish samurai. Do I even have to sell this title anymore?


Another February release, Team Ninja's Nioh is an action role-playing game following Irish samurai William on his quest across a war-ravaged Japan in the year 1600. This hack-and-slash dark fantasy brings players back to their Dynasty Warrior roots -- and their subconscious need to, well, hack and slash. 


Nioh's charm comes from its aesthetics, its true-to-source Japanese folklore, and its difficult combat. 


What can I say? People like hard games with pretty pictures and folklore about demons (and don't forget the Irish samurai). 


NieR: Automata


A year wouldn't be complete without at least one Square Enix title in it. I don't think my life would be complete if it didn't have at least one Square Enix title in it, and this year's title is NieR: Automata.


A March release, NieR: Automata is an action role-playing sequel to Nier. Players travel as combat androids across a post-apocalyptic, open-world map and fight to survive against machines and the physical manifestation of their network, Adam and Eve.


Perhaps it goes without saying that a Square Enix game has a good story and is generally praised for it. Add to that superb graphics and an improved combat system from its predecessor. And the soundtrack, too, of course. 


NieR: Automata is a game worthy of its praises, and it's a PS4 game worthy of inclusion on a list of the best games of the year. 


Uncharted: The Lost Legacy


Sometimes games have so many sequels that they start to become household titles people either love or hate but still buy anyways. This year Naughty Dog released another game in their Uncharted series, The Lost Legacy, though I'm sure most people bought this game because they liked it. 


Added to the shelves in August, The Lost Legacy is the first Uncharted game to not have Nathan Drake as the protagonist (gasp!). Instead, it follows Chloe and her band of misfits as they seek to find the Tusk of Ganesh. It follows the same gameplay vein as its predecessors, with third-person combat and plenty of platforming.


Naturally, good aspects in any Uncharted title are appearance, design, and storytelling. But probably the best aspect is, as always, the palpable chemistry between characters.


Cut that with a knife and spread it on some bread because The Lost Legacy has got chemistry to spare. 


Destiny 2


It can be really scary hearing the phrase "online game only" for people who don't really like playing games with other people. 


But Destiny 2 seems to get it right -- or at least it's good enough that people don't care that they have to play with others.


Developed by Bungie and released in September, Destiny 2 builds upon what worked in its predecessor and improves upon what didn't. Players take on the role of a Guardian, protecting the Last City from variant alien races. In addition to the story mode, players take part in strikes and raids with other players, hunting for loot and experience. 


This sci-fi mythos game boasts splendid graphics, a large cast of iconic actors (Nathan Fillion, anyone?), and more emphasis on providing a good time compared to its predecessor


And you can dance. I know that's what all you heathens want to do in video games. Dance.


Resident Evil 7: Biohazard


People have been waiting for a good Resident Evil title since Resident Evil 4. And though they won't find as many zombies or umbrellas anywhere, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard reminded people why they liked this series in the first place: fear.


A Capcom classic, the latest installment in this popular survival horror series follows Ethan Winters as he tries to find his wife, who has been missing for three years. His investigation leads him to the house of the Baker family, where he must solve puzzles and discover the secrets of the house if he wants to understand what has happened to both the Baker family and his wife. 


With or without its VR capabilites, Resident Evil 7 won back the hearts of many who had strayed from the series, garnering praise for its scares, tension, and unsettling atmosphere. 


And any game compared to P.T. has gotta have something going for it. 


Horizon: Zero Dawn


If you're the type of person who likes to play good video games, then you're the type of person who likes Horizon: Zero Dawn


Seriously. There's not a list on the internet detailing "The Best Games of 2017" that doesn't include this title. 


Developed by Guerrilla Games and released in February, this action role-playing game follows the life and times of Aloy, a young woman trying to survive in a prehistoric land overrun by mechanical dinosaurs. Okay, so not prehistoric -- more post-apocalyptic, "a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away but still somehow in the future" kinda land. 


Horizon: Zero Dawn's glowing praises stem from the game's expansive open world, intense storytelling, and seriously beautiful visuals. 


Just take one look at a screenshot from this game and tell me you can't feel the wind beneath your wings, can't smell the earth beneath your feet, the grass running through your fingers. 


Persona 5


I don't know about you, but there was at least one month out of this year where every social media outlet I went to was talking about Persona 5 (or maybe that just says something about my social media habits).


Released worldwide in April and developed by Atlus, Persona 5 is a role-playing game with social simulations, and it is technically the sixth installment in the Persona series. It follows the story of high school students who have awakened powers within themselves, wherein they naturally turn to a life of masked vigilantes.


With its praised role-playing mechanics and beautiful graphics, Persona 5 achieved high ratings by most all game reviewers, even dubbed as "Essential" by Eurogamer


Guess I know what I'm adding to my Christmas list.


Ah, 2017. The year everyone thought was going to be better than 2016 (which was a terrible year for everyone apparently?) but ended up being almost worse, at least for some.  


But not everything about 2017 was bad -- at least not in the gaming community. 


Sure, Skyrim was remastered and released -- again -- and drama on the battle front -- excuse me, Battlefront 2 -- made some lose their faith in the gaming community entirely, but some titles released this year renewed that lost faith and joy. 


More specifically, some titles released this year for the PlayStation 4 deserve recognition of their own. 


So sit down, buckle up, strap in, whatever you gotta do to prepare for this showcase of the 9 best PS4 games of 2017, because even if they don't knock you off your feet, they're gonna do something