Monster Hunter World Lava Nugget Farming Guide

It's not often you mine ore directly off a monster's back, but that's how you find the Lava Nugget component in MH World!

There's always more components and creature parts to search for during your journey across the vast areas in Monster Hunter: World, from Ancient Bone to Great Hornfly and even more exotic materials.

Lava Nugget is one of the most elusive ores to mine in the entire game, and it is required to complete the Uragaan armor sets. Finding this ore is proving difficult for most players.

It shouldn't be much of a surprise that finding Lava Nuggets in Monster Hunter: World requires interacting with the Uragaan, but exactly how to get them isn't well explained.

If you haven't figured out the trick yet, we've got you covered with a full guide on how to farm Lava Nuggets quickly!

You'll need to fight Uragaan to get lava nugget in Monster Hunter World Get ready to fight this rolling Brute Wyvern type!

Lava Nugget Location In MH World

While no in-game prompts or dialog segments come right out and say it, there is a massive clue to farming lava nuggets during the cut-scene when you first fight Uragaan in the Elder Recess map.

While he's doing all that rolling around and generally destroying the environment, pay attention to what falls off him and how he curls up to protect those spines ....

While Uragaan can occasionally drop Lava Nugget naturally during the course of the battle (and this is more likely to occur if you are using a blunt weapon), your best bet is to actually mine his back spines as though he were any other ore mining location in the game.

Yep, Lava Nugget farming combines both standard monster hunting and ore mining into one frenzied activity! That's easier said than done, though, as Uragaan rolls and spins around the area while deploying explosives to keep you busy.

Uragaan is highly susceptible to the stunning ailment, so first stun him to get the beast to stop rolling around everywhere. When he falls to the ground momentarily, run up to his back and press the same button to farm ore (Circle on PS4 or B on Xbox One) as though you were searching for any other natural resource on the map.

Hack away a few ore pieces until he gets back up, and then continue the fight until you can stun him again. Repeat this process as many times as you can during the course of the battle, as sometimes you will get standard ores and sometimes you will see a few Lava Nuggets fall off and land on the ground, where you can pick them up.

Eventually you will end up killing Uragaan, but that's OK, because he will respawn when you fast travel to another location and then return to the Elder Recess. Keep fighting and mining until you get all the Lava Nugget resources that you need!

With a full stock of Lava Nugget on hand, you can craft the Uragaan Vembraces and Uragaan Helm, in addition to completing the Tomatoes Red As Magma quest.

There's a clue here on how to get lava nugget in MH World They only show up momentarily during the cut-scene, but there's a big clue on how to mine Lava Nugget when you first meet Uragaan!

So far, this is the one and only location to harvest Lava Nugget that we've come across in Monster Hunter: World. Do you know of any other ore veins that provide this component? Let us know in the comments!

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Published Feb. 6th 2018

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