Guild Launch's Annual Dragon Slayer Awards: Community Manager of the Year

Vote today for the Best Community Manager!

Gameskinny's sister site Guild Launch is hosting its' annual Dragon Slayer Awards, and you can vote until September 3. The Dragon Slayer Awards are for gaming communities, and voted on by members of those communities. 

This year, sixteen amazing community managers have been nominated by their communities for the "Community Manager of the Year" Award. 

The Nominees

So why not just celebrate the community management teams? 

While the teams they are apart of are professional and important parts of the games they manage, these individuals stood out to the gamers that interact with them. 

They act as a sort of community liaison, and changes are made through their involvement with the games. They personally inform users of changes and through their user interaction, they can fix game bugs and community problems. 

Community Managers are the public face of their brand. A good community manager communicates quickly and effectively, and maintains an air of professionalism. 

All of the community managers nominated for this years Dragon Slayer award exhibit these characteristics.  Being a community manager isn't a walk in the park, and it's managers like the ones nominated that make the online communities you love well-rounded and amazing. 

But now it's up to you. 

Head on over to Guild Launch today to vote for your favorite community manager. Don't forget to vote for the rest of the gaming community awards! 


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Published Aug. 7th 2013

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