Palia: How to Complete Fit for a Watcher

Fit for a Watcher harkens the arrival of Subira in Palia.

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Before welcoming Subira to Kilima, Eshe requires a few elements of the Ormuu’s Horn to be upgraded. Here’s how to complete Fit for a Watcher in Palia, which has you building an intricate new furniture set.

Build the Investigator Set in Fit for a Watcher in Palia

To begin Fit for a Watcher, you’ll need to have completed a series of three quests for Eshe.

When those are complete, she’ll visit your plot complaining that Kenli left a letter from the Duchess unopened. It informs them Subira, a Watcher of the Order, is on her way to investigate the reappearance of humans in the area. This poses the perfect opportunity for Kilima Village to end up in the spotlight.

Executing that plan involves a new furniture set designed especially for the Watcher’s room at the inn. You’re tasked to aid Tish in building the necessary pieces. Go find the furniture designer to see exactly what you need to do. She’ll give you the plans for:

  • Investigator Armchair
  • Investigator Banner
  • Investigator Bed
  • Investigator Desk
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These plans aren’t included under the Furniture tab when sorting your plans at the Workbench. You’ll need to scroll down in the main list to the I’s to find it. To craft all four pieces, you’ll need:

  • Flow-infused Plank x65
  • Palium Bar x11
  • Silk x20
  • Dragon’s Beard Peat x7
  • Leather x1
  • Lightbulb x1
  • Plant Fiber x6

You’ll have to cut down plenty of Flow Trees and mine Palium nodes to complete this set. When done, return to Tish to finish the quest.

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Fit for a Watcher Rewards

For doing such a great job crafting the items, Tish gives you 5,000 gold and the plans for the Investigator End Table and Investigator Sideboard. You’ll also earn 25 renown and be able to continue aiding Eshe in ushering in Subira.

That’s how to complete Fit for a Watcher in Palia. For more on Subira, how to complete other quests, or where to find resources, check out our full guides library.

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