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As Nintendo continues to release consistently top-rated Mario games, the fandom for Mario only grows. Within that fandom are a lot of artists creating wonderful content. Take the gorgeous header image for this article; that was created by DeviantArt user VegaColors. The Odyssey is such a wonderful ship, and that blue sky makes me want to fly right into Tumblr user p1aceho1der's recreation of the Sand Kingdom:

Sand Kingdom

After this, maybe I'll run into arkestar's Pauline in New Donk City.


Or discover Pauline has saved Princess Peach already, bringing this alternate ending by DeviantArt's theskywaker to fruition.

Peach And Pauline

Pauline sure is somebody's 1-Up girl.

Speaking of Pauline, New Donk City and Frank Sinatra inspired this wonderful piece by Manguinha, also on DeviantArt.

Mario Odyssey in the New Donk City

Mario holding Cappy instead of a cigarette is nice and kid-friendly. Cappy is just all around great, and this version of that nearly iconic picture of Mario with Cappy floating above him is probably one of the cutest things I've seen. 

super mario odyssey

That was by DeviantArt user Rainmaker113, who has a whole folder dedicated to adorable Mario photos.

Speaking of adorable, look at this Cappy and Tiara by Diana-del-Barrio.

super mario Odyssey - cappy and tiara

Unfortunately, those are not for sale from her. Although Cappy can easily be found on ThinkGeek and other websites, but not Tiara. It kind of makes me want to cry that a little bit of googling does not turn up a Tiara for sale.

Wedding Princess Peach

Though if I looked like Enmanuelart20's version of Peach crying when I cried, I would cry all the time. But I don't, so I might instead want to just become really tough and never cry. Maybe like Darksilvania's Mariosaurus Rex.

Mariosaurus Rex

Or Bowser by omegalife, also DeviantArt.

Pimp Koopa - Mario Odyssey

Now that we're on the topic of bad guys, here's Harriet, one of the Broodals (Bowser's wedding planners), by risenshiner from Tumblr:


Those Broodals do their best to keep Mario away from Bowser and Peach, so at least Bowser can happily get married, but I think Tumblr's beetlebaine does a much better job than the Broodals at putting the giant Koopa and beautiful Princess together:

Bowser & Peach

HonoluluJoe on DeviantArt (lukevalentineart on Tumblr) also does a good job putting those two together in the alternate ending way:


But I think most of us just want this sort of ending by windpriest from Tumblr:

Mario and Peach

Thank you, artists! All us non-artists look forward to seeing more and more of your wonderful work!

What do you think of these? Have you seen great fan art inspired by Super Mario Odyssey? Let us know in the comments!

Horizon Zero Dawn Fanworks That Will Blow Your Mind Tue, 07 Nov 2017 10:53:39 -0500 bazookajo94

Being a part of a gaming fandom is great. You can choose to interact with the community by commenting in the forums, watching or creating streams, or talking non-stop about your favorite game to someone who doesn't even know what it is until they're either forced to play the game themselves or vow to never play the game as long as they live. 

Another great part of having a wide variety of people being a part of a fandom is that at least one of them is bound to be an artist. Though sometimes that aspect can get a little weird (here's looking at you, Sonic), for games like Horizon Zero Dawn, fans don't have to be so apprehensive. 

Horizon Zero Dawn, released in February 2017 by Guerrilla Games, is a post-apocalyptic survival game that blends hunter-and-gatherer tribe culture with really cool robots. A game so aesthetically pleasing on its own is bound to have just as beautiful fan art, and this article sets out to show you the best fans have created in homage to this game. 

What better way to start out a digital game than with some digital fan art? Take this portrait of the main character Aloy by tumblr user shalizeh. I can't get over how good the lighting is in this. Unfortunately, shalizeh doesn't take commissions or requests, so it's lucky she likes video games or else we would never know how good her Horizon Zero Dawn art would look. 


It's fun when people create a contrasting piece of work to its original medium. Take this pixelated Tallneck from AstraGalactica. Usually it's the pixelated games that get rendered into a realistic photo, so it's a treat to see the opposite. 

In fact, it's so cute, here's the rest of the pixel creatures this artist has on their DeviantArt. 


But if digital art isn't your style, check out this Watcher by DeviantArt user BlackbubbleArt. The artist inked this creature with a pen and marker and captured perfectly the sinister yet endearing qualities of this little tyke. 

You know what else is just as fun as realistic drawings? Comic book renditions. Take a look at Eleonora Carlini's drawing from Horizon Zero Dawn. The splash of red in an otherwise black and white piece gives the same amount of contrast as the futuristic-yet-tribal game seeks to present. 


Or maybe you want some crossover art, like this tumblr user created of Aloy and Ciri from The Witcher series, or their piece of duo Lara Croft and Aloy. 


Yes, I have also noticed the abundant amount of Aloy pictures for this game. I can't blame anyone: Aloy is a beloved main character. 

But for those of us who want to see some other characters, here's a piece by zanephiri of the Sun-King Avid

Slaaaay, Sun-King, slay. 

But art isn't just confined to the use of ink and paper or pens and tablets. Cosplay is just as creative and worthy of spotlight. 

Especially if they're as good as this cosplay of Aloy.  

Like, bruh. Are you seeing this right now? It is not a painting. It's a production from duo Lina and Alex, cosplayers from Russia who own Lucky Strike Cosplays. They design costumes from a variety of different fandoms and have their work available to buy on Etsy.

I'm still not entirely convinced these aren't paintings.  

But Lucky Strike aren't the only cosplayers on the Horizon Zero Dawn horizon. Here's Kamui Cosplay who also created an Aloy cosplay, but with different armor. 

Seeing something so beautifully crafted always makes me wonder if I'll ever amount to anything so inspiring in my life.

It's true: this game is so beautiful, and people are so talented, it's sometimes hard to tell what's a screenshot and what's fan art. For those who need more, you can buy The Art of Horizon Zero Dawn on Amazon at a listed price of $39.95, put together by Guerrilla Games, and enjoy being in a fandom that is as passionate about art as you are. 

5 Best Pieces of Splatoon 2 Pearl and Marina Fan Art Mon, 24 Jul 2017 14:48:14 -0400 heatherew24


Off The Hook, Getting Ready for Splatoon 2

Artist: ZeZeReRe

Last, but certainly not least, what's an artist without a little out-of-the-box thinking? In this photo, we have both characters lifting weights and getting completely ripped -- to at least three times their original size! 


What I like about this piece of Splatoon fan art is that it reminds players that many video games make their tiny and skinny characters perform unrealistic tasks. How else do you think any video game character can do extreme tricks and stunts? Well, they go to the gym, of course. And here's proof! 




These were just a few of the best piece of Splatoon 2 fan art that we've found. And since the game just officially released, there's bound to more to come. What pieces of fan art have you found? Let us know in the comments! 


Splatoon 2 -- Pearl and Marina

Artist: friesformunchies

What I really love about this piece is that it depicts Pearl and Marina as what they really are -- a band. In a band, you have to record both your voice and your face, and Off The Hook is no exception to this rule. 


It's obvious that these rock stars have their moves down, and they are well on their way to fame and fortune. But this fan art shows that even the best rock stars have to work hard to get their big break. 


Splatoon 2 -- Ice Cream Cake 

Artist: kiana-bee

This piece is an excellent depiction of how these partners interact with each other. While Marina is more reserved and shy, Pearl has a big and spunky personality, making them almost polar opposites. 


Despite their differences, they still make a great team and get the job done. Kiana-bee's piece shows their secret to success -- friendship. Sometimes different personalities complement each other, or, in the case of this picture, finding common interests such as ice cream cake do the trick, too. 


Splatoon 2 -- Pearl 

Artist: oblesse

This is a perfect depiction of Pearl's fierce and all-attitude personality. The second member of Off The Hook and Marina's partner, she is known for her constant slang and her short temper. 


As a member of a band, this fan art shows Pearl about to drop some sick beats, and blow your mind with Off The Hook's music. 


Splatoon 2 -- Marina 

Artist: Cheola

This simple drawing is one of my personal favorite pieces. Though it does not have as much color as the game does, you can still tell that this is Marina from the infamous band Off The Hook. 


Marina is normally depicted as a shy and more reserved character, especially when compared to her partner, Pearl. This fan art makes for an accurate representation of her personality alongside the artist's.


Nintendo's Splatoon 2 released just last week, but the third-person shooter for the Nintendo Switch has been inspiring many players to create wonderful (and colorful) works of art based on its characters -- specifically Pearl and Marina. 


This turf-war shooter uses a form of paint gun to splash the world with color to claim land and best your opponents. Since the game is full of colorful ink and creativity, it makes sense that players are creating their own art in tribute to the game. 


These five art pieces featuring Pearl and/or Marina are some of the best of the best, and GameSkinny is here to share these artists' talent with the world. 

9 Amazing Pieces of Overwatch Fan Art You Can Buy For Your Battle Station Wed, 17 May 2017 06:00:01 -0400 Jerline Justo


Dad 76 on Duty!

By riadoodles

Remember how much we love the "Dad 76" headcanon that took over social media after Overwatch was first released? Well, let's bring it back to with this piece by riadoodles. She shows her love for the craze by creating this piece, where the ex-agent is calling Reaper for help while holding his kids, D.Va and McCree.


Because of her simplistic yet adorable style, this rendition of Dad76 is sure to give Overwatch fans a smile. Fans can purchase this on her Redbubble store as either a poster or a phone case.




There you have it! From College D.Va to Dad 76, these nine fan made prints will bring a sense of personality and sweet Overwatch flair to your room.


So get out there heroes! Build up your battle station into something amazing.


The Badass Talons

By Alex Chow

If you love the Talons, this print is just for you. Alex Chow uses her digital art skills in this piece to create a paint-wash style that outlines each Talon's features. With its coldish color scheme, he takes these villains and turns them into badass characters to satisfy every Talon fan.


This piece is available at Chow's Etsy store, where you'll also find pieces that features other Overwatch heroes like Mei and McCree. 


Reinhardt Wants You!

By AstroBunny

Need a push to win a match? Astrobunny replaces Uncle Sam with the indestructible Reinhardt to produce this piece, giving Overwatch players the motivation that they need to stick with the payload.


The overall design is both funny and provoking for any gamer who's tired of preaching the gospel of staying on the payload. Fans can purchase this print at Astrobunny's Redbubble store, along with other designs and prints from other video games and pop culture references.


"Sorry, Hanzo!" - From Overwatch Ladies

By Rob Porter

Some Overwatch fans just have that one Hero that they cannot stand -- and for Rob Porter, it's Hanzo.  But instead of purging his dislike through gameplay, he uses it artistically by showing off the Overwatch ladies as they take down Hanzo.


Porter also mentions that this piece is inspired by a Capcom freelance artist named Bengus, whose style he somewhat imitated in order to create this amazing piece. If you want to buy this for yourself, you can purchase it at his Inprnt store.


Down Time with D.Va.

By Gloria Diianni

If fans could get a glimpse of D.Va's room, Gloria Diianni imagines it would be like this -- decked out with posters of other Heroes' symbols, a South Korea flag, and the famous K-pop band 2NE1 on her walls. Diianni's pastel color schemes and angled art style makes this fan art pleasing to any D.Va's fans.


Fans can purchase this print on her Inprnt store, as well as another piece that showcases Jinx from League of Legends. For more artwork by Dilanni, you can check out her blog.


Which Class Are You?

By Joan Chung

Sometimes, fans just want a complete showcase of all the awesome Overwatch heroes. And using an edgy traditional Japanese art style, Joan Chung has produced a complete set of each Overwatch class tier -- offense, defense, tank, and support.


Each piece shows off the characters' battle stance and personality in a uniform way. Free, loose lines and bright color streaks make this collection unique and eye-catching.


This collection can be purchased individually or as a whole set on her Etsy store, where she also creates artbooks and acrylic charms from TV and anime shows. 


A Widow's Kiss 

By adrawer4ever

Widowmaker may be a deadly sniper, but adrawer4ever's art piece brings out a softer side of this hero with a bubbly yet detailed art style. The teal and pinkish background creates a nightlife mood -- and with eyes like that Widowmaker fans can only adore and admire her.


This print is available at adrawer4ever's Inprnt store for fans to purchase. You can also check out more of his artwork on Instagram.


Eating With the Shimada Brothers 

By mstrmagnolia

Instead of watching these Shimada brothers fight, fans love to see these two heroes act like siblings. Mstrmagnolia brings their relationship to life by producing this piece with the brothers eating a traditional Japanese meal.


Because this artist has captured Hanzo and Genji both in detail and personality, Overwatch fans can only smile as they look at this artwork. This piece can be purchased at mstrmagnolia's Inprnt store, where he also creates artwork for other games like Final Fantasy XV and Metal Gear Solid.  


Defend the Payload!

By Tom Furber

Time for some action! This Overwatch piece features Winston, Mei, D.Va, Pharah, Mercy, and Widowmaker, all defending the payload against the opposing team. With Tom Furbur's comic book art style, fans can definitely feel the action pop out.


Gamers can purchase this print at Furber's Inprnt store and check out his other work, which features Marvel superheroes and other video games, like Dishonored 2 and Mass Effect


Angelic Mercy

By ox-miruku from Animus Rhythm Illustration

The savior of Overwatch  is looking as majestic as ever in this beautiful illustration. Ox-miruku, an artist from Animus Rhythm Illustration, created this Mercy art piece, showing off this support Hero's grace and beauty with the dark reddish background and a guardian-like pose. 


Fans can purchase this illustration their Etsy store, which also features more merchandise from anime shows and other games, like Fire Emblem Awakening and Final Fantasy.


Hey Overwatch fans -- are you moving into a college dorm, but don't have decorations to fill your space? Feel like your gaming den is lacking that little bit of personality it needs? Sounds like you should pick up some awesome fan-made art from your favorite arena shooter to spruce up your space.


These pieces of artwork provide a sense of style and uniqueness that can satisfy your needs and make any room look awesome. These artists are flaunting their love for Overwatch, and fans can purchase these pieces on sites like Etsy, Redbubble, and Inprnt to share in that passion for colorful gunplay. 

15 Fan-Made Overwatch Skins that Blizzard Needs to Make Immediately Mon, 17 Apr 2017 12:00:02 -0400 Jerline Justo


15. Monster Hunter McCree

By Red-Sinistra

The Overwatch fans may saw this skin around the internet, but fans desperately want this skin in the game, especially for the Halloween event. Red-Sinistara turn this cowboy into a vampire, werewolf, and demon killing machine with his gun, crossbow, and stakes.


What are you favorite fan-made skin? Let's us know in the comments!


14. Los Muertos Sombra

By NorseChowder

What if Sombra stayed with the Los Muertos organization? Well, NorseChowder gives Sombra a new edgy skin with a mohawk hairstyle as well as the markings of skull and bones.  With a interesting backstory, this skin definitely should be available to Overwatch fans.


13. Solider 1778

By Sylvain Decaux

Going back into history, Decaux takes this soldier into the American Revolution with a long blue and red coat and a wooden gun with golden markings on the side. This artist mixes both history and future, creating this skin!


12. Botanist Symmetra

By Disteal 

Instead of working with high advance technology, why not create and control plants? Inspired by another fan-made skin, Disteal gives Symmetra this organic look with deadly turret plants and flower teleporters.


11. Hellspawn Reaper 

By FonteArt

This skin takes Reaper original look into a new level with more fear and dread by how it includes devil horns and spiky red armor. FonteArt even adds flames at the end of his Reaper's coat, adding on the hellish concept.


10. Magician Genji

By Tauxy

ALAKAZAM! Tauxy turns this samurai hero into a magician with a cane as a weapon and cards as shurikens. With this new skin, fans would have a magical time, playing as Genji during battle.


9. Krumpus Junkrat

By coconutmilkyway

Sticking with the winter wonderland season, coconutmilkyway shares this Krumpus skin concept on Tumblr, bringing out the mischievous and scary side of Junkrat. The concept comes with bell bombs and sharp thorns and teeth, adding to the horror of the Christmas season!


8. Snow Angel Mercy

By Peter Burroughs

Mercy may be the guardian of Overwatch, but to Burroughs, she is the snow angel of winter. Referencing winter European fashion, this artist shows off Mercy winter fashion with hooded coat, sharp ice wings, and healing lantern.


7. D.Va: Dragon Skin

By botslim

Botslim takes D.Va's cute and bright color skin into a 180 degree turn with this dragon skin, bringing an edgy and dark side. The color scheme and sharp edges of D.Va's robot makes fans want to play as D.Va to see how this skin turns out in a match.


6. Fantasy Widowmaker

By generalthunderbat

If you change an online multiplayer first person shooter game into a fantasy RPG, you would get this skin. Generalthunderbat shares this concept, replacing on Widowmaker's sniper gun into an old-fashion bow and arrow.


5. Vintage Tank Zarya

By Christian Schob

With this skin concept, Zarya turns into a fearless badass that no player wants to mess with. The leather shoulder patch and the cross scar on the forehead would amaze any fan!


4. Faerie Zenyatta

By Faebelina

Faebelina created a complete set for a fairy type skin for each Overwatch character, but this skin for Zenyatta stands out the most. Instead of the metal body, this artist replace Zenyatta's metal body with a wooden one and a leafy beard, pulling of the forest fairy look!


3. Crusader Reinhardt

by Paxilon

If Blizzard ever does an medieval themed event, this should be Reinhardt's skin, for sure! With the large battle ax, the white cape, and red crosses, Paxilon's skin appeals to any medieval fanatic.


2. Cyborg Hanzo

By effektdmentality

What would happen if Hanzo turned into a half man and cyborg hero instead of Genji? Effektdmentality brings it to life with an bow as an arm and energy arrows. With a skin like this, who wouldn't want to see Cyborg Hanzo in action?


1. Clock Work Tracer

By profs-artblog

English top hat, Big Ben clock design, and fancy trench coat--these elements are definitely fitting for Tracer. Profs-artblog's details like the golden embroidery on her chest and old-fashion gun pulls this whole skin together. It surprises me that Blizzard didn’t include this skin in the game -- not yet, anyway.


The Overwatch community has grown tremendously since the game was released. Fans feel so immersed in the game -- and relate to its characters so well --  that they created their own artwork to show their appreciation.


These fan artists make their own ideas and inspirations come to life and share them with the Overwatch, community. While creating new characters to awesome comics, fans imagine and create their own skin concepts for their favorite Overwatch characters.


Here are some of the best fan-made skins that should be part of Overwatch!

Beautiful Crowdfunded Prints Illustrate Our Favourite Weapons from Dark Souls Tue, 10 Jan 2017 11:24:38 -0500 uniquecontent

The Dark Souls franchise (along with Demon Souls and Bloodborne) is one of the most beloved video game dynasties of the modern era. Challenging, frustrating, exhilarating, beautiful, and euphoria-inducing all in equal measures, Dark Souls I, II and III represent one of this generation's very best game trilogies, earning the franchise a veritable army of die-hard fans. 

I'm no different. I've been a fan of From Software's masterpiece franchise since I took an ill-advised wander into the catacombs right off the bat in the first Dark Souls, wondering how I was meant to get anywhere in this unapologetically obtuse and difficult game. Since then, I've become something of a Dark Souls fanatic, eagerly devouring every game and piece of DLC since then, including the PS4-exclusive and equally brilliant Bloodborne

It's not just games themselves either, I own all of the brilliant Design Works book, rare Japanese collectors editions, UK and US special editions, the soundtracks, maps and just about anything else I can get my hands on. I also recently purchased the Dark Souls: Beyond Death books from Third Editions (which I'm eagerly awaiting as it gets translated from the original French language).

Imagine my joy then when I stumbled across a new Kickstarter campaign, featuring beautiful custom illustrations of some of the most iconic weapons from the Dark Souls franchise. 

The Knight Set


The Greatsword Set


The Legendary Set

The main rewards are three limited edition sets of 12 5x5 art prints, including weapons such as the Claymore, Zweihander, Farron Greatsword, Pursuer Ultra Greatsword, and scores of others. On top of this, there's also ultra limited edition sets featuring Black Knight, Silver Knight and Heide Knight weapons. 

You get your hands on these prints until February 9th, when the campaign ends. Click here to visit Kickstarter and get your own limited edition prints! 

These Video Game Artists Make Your Fandom Game Look Weak Thu, 08 Dec 2016 03:00:02 -0500 Clayton Reisbeck


I think it's safe to say that I have an unhealthy addiction to just about all things Undertale, and I think the biggest thing fueling that addiction is covers of the amazing music from the game, RichaadEB and the work he does on his YouTube channel.


RichaadEB has made a series of metal covers of the big themes from Undertale, and they are earcandy.


If you've been looking to get down on some damn good metal covers of really good video game music, look no further than the Determination album that RichaadEB did with an artist called Ace Waters. Do yourself a favor and check out his YouTube channel. And if you like what you hear, go pick up his album on his Bandcamp page.

Crochet Otaku

I think one of my favorite things to come out of the internet in recent years is Etsy. There's something special about getting something hand-crafted by someone that shares the same love that you do for something. Crochet Otaku is one of those people.


Currently, her Etsy page doesn't have anything for sale but some of the work she has done in the past can be viewed. I never knew that I wanted a crocheted Slowpoke Tail, but now I know that I want a crocheted Slowpoke Tail.

Pokemon Uranium

By now, I'm sure everybody has heard of this game. If you haven't, Pokemon Uranium is a fan-made Pokemon game for PC using the same engine that the GameBoy Advance versions of the original games. Sadly, you can't get ahold of it anymore as Nintendo shut down the game and all official download links. But, if you were lucky enough to get ahold of the game before it was shut down, you'd know that this may be one of the best Pokemon titles you've ever played.


I think the biggest place where Pokemon Uranium succeeds is the fact that it feels like a real Pokemon game. Everything about it feels familiar to the Pokemon series. The battle system remains the same, the exploration that we know and love from the original series is still here, everything that we know and love from that original series can be found in this game while adding some new features to make it feel fresh.


Some of these new additions are new Pokemon types (such as the nuclear type) and blending of types for some completely new Pokemon that the developers created specifically for the game (such as a water/electric type). There are some of the Pokemon that we have already seen in previous iterations of the game but, these new Pokemon are fun to play with and feel like they belong in the world of Pokemon.


While playing the game, I could feel the love of the original series that was poured into the game. This project was truly something special and it's sad that more people won't get to enjoy it.


I was actually introduced to this artist by my girlfriend when she bought a print of the piece you see above back from a convention. I have a soft spot for Undertale fan art, so I immediately fell in love with the piece. After looking up the rest of their work, I happen to adore NightMargin's style.

I think part of what draws me to their work is that it seems that indie games are their focus. Besides a lot of pieces based on Undertale, they have a lot of art based on Hyper Light Drifter, which I found to be absolutely fantastic.

If you want to check out more of NightMargin's work you can check out their Deviant Art page.

Materia Collective

I'm a firm believer that music charms the soul and when we're talking about some of the best fan-made music, Materia Collective should be something you all should know about. Materia Collective is a group of musicians that come together to make video game inspired music. Whether it's covers of the original music or remixes, these folks know what they're doing. They also have a wide range of musicians making music for them. I've heard everything from full orchestral arrangements to metal covers and even electronic pieces.


Now let me tell you that I am a little biased as one of my favorite people in the world happens to be a musician with the Materia Collective. But outside of that, they are still a phenomenal group of musicians that you all should be aware of. If you want to hear more of what they have to offer, go check out their Bandcamp page.


Fan art has become quite the business in the gaming world. Everywhere you look, new artists are always popping up with some type of great work. Just scrolling through a game's Reddit page is almost guaranteed to net you some good looking fan art.

But what about the ones who rise above the rest to go from zero to hero? This list is here to show off just a selection of different artists that make your fandom game look weak.

Five Overwatch Characters That Don’t Exist, But Definitely Should Wed, 02 Nov 2016 08:00:41 -0400 Timothy J. Ralston (TehMadCatter)

If you've played Overwatch, you know it comes with a decent cast of colorful characters. While most of the heroes are just down right perfect, some seem to lack the power that some of the other heroes have, making them less viable options as go-to gunners. Regardless, every in-game character is unique in their own way, bringing different weapons and different abilities to the table to suit basically any play style.

But even so, Overwatch feels like it could use more heroes to join the fight. And for several months now, Blizzard has been teasing fans with a single new hero -- the hacker Sombra. Although fans are getting a little tired of the painfully long lead-up to this hero's release, they're still hoping that she'll be just the first of many other new faces to come. 

Perhaps we'll see more darker characters like Reaper and Black Widow, or perhaps we'll finally get a well balanced healer. (Don’t get me wrong, Healers are great and all, but they're either difficult to use properly, or are so easy to use that it’s painful.)

But we don't know right now what's coming after the Sombra release. So we're taking a look at five fan-made (and otherwise imagined) heroes who aren't currently on the Overwatch roster, but should be. 

5. Rivet

One thing that isn’t common among characters is a melee hero -- someone like Reinhardt with his giant war hammer. And while some think that a melee character could be a bad idea (with some guns blazing towards you), there is one fan-made character that really stuck out.

Rivet was created by ArtStation user Rafael Zanchetin when he was recreating a character he had made with the same name, while also giving a detailed sketch of all of her abilities and moves (My favorite one is called John Cena, when Rivet blinds enemies in smoke).

The reasons why Rivet (or someone like her) should join the Overwatch team are endless. She seems like a fun character to play as and with, she looks like she could really take on someone in a fight, and her weapon and ability design is fantastic.

Plus, she would make a great addition in the Talons.

4. Mackenzie

Medieval characters are fun to play as in almost any game. Wielding a sword, axe, or hammer compared to a weapon that fires bullets has an almost cleaner feeling. So even though we already have one medieval style hero, it just doesn't feel like enough.

Mackenzie, created by Mikhail Mishkin, is a warrior who uses an old-fashioned jousting spear against his foes, with abilities that could make him just as powerful as Reinhardt. To have Mackenzie in the game as an Offense, or even a Tank, would make him a pretty powerful hero.

3. Ota-Kun

D.Va is one of the most antagonizing characters, with her ultimate being able to wipe an entire team, no matter how much health you have. Hana (Commander of the Mech) also has the ability to delete bullets as they are fired at her, and has thrusters that sends her mech flying towards players.

Ota-Kun, a character I thought of long ago, would be a part of Hana’s team long ago when she was still playing eSports -- her second in command if the competition ever came to that. He would be a support character who puts up a shield around the players to heal them, while deflecting bullets off the walls of the shield and causing them to ricochet towards enemy players.

Ota-Kun’s name was just a play on the word “Otaku”, which he used as his username during the competitions. He became great friends with Hana until he was kicked off of the team for cheating. Giving D.Va an old friend-turned-enemy would expand the lore just a bit, and would give players a real reason to feel sorry for her and pity her. Plus, that cinematic trailer would look beautiful.

2. Twinfox

Tracer is possibly one of the most frustrating characters to play against, and just as difficult to use if you don’t know what you’re doing. It seems only a handful of heroes can actually face Tracer head on and manage to beat her.

Twinfox, created by Andrey Ivanov on ArtStation, is a hero who seems as if she could be a rival to Tracer, and even possibly a well-made challenger against Tracer. Twinfox could clone herself as a decoy, but during her ultimate, can clone two more copies to wipe out an entire team.

Twinfox could be more powerful compared to Tracer, and could be someone that players would want to play as to finally take out Tracer with ease.

1. Kid/Doomfist

Now this one is a stretch. Back when Overwatch had its first cinematic trailer, we were introduced to two young boys going to an Overwatch exhibit. One thing that really stuck out to me was that we never saw these two brothers again in anything. Nor had we even learned their names.

The older brother from the trailer, “Kid”, would be amazing to have as a hero, since you could make his backstory heartbreaking. Perhaps his younger brother was lost during a battle in their hometown, causing “Kid” to break back into the exhibit to take Doomfist's gauntlet and fixing it to use himself, becoming the hero his little brother looked up to.

These are just a few of the potential characters that we think would make great additions to the Overwatch team. What other heroes would you like to see make an appearance in the future? Let me know in the comments!

Square Enix Launches a Fan Box Art Competition for I Am Setsuna Thu, 20 Oct 2016 08:46:42 -0400 Damien Smith

Square Enix today announced the launch of their Fan Box Art Competition for I am Setsuna. After the title was first revealed, many fans asked for a physical copy of the game. And while Square Enix is not initiating a worldwide physical release of the game, one lucky winner will get a one-of-a-kind signed PC box of the game featuring their art.

Calling all fan artists

Square Enix is calling for all its fan artists to create box art for the game. A template to use as a rough sizing guide and terms and conditions were included with the official announcement.

According to the rules, the box art can have anything on it, as long as it is related to I am Setsuna and contains no offensive imagery.

What are the prizes?

There will be prizes for the Winner of the competition and for three runners-up. The grand prizes for the winner of the competition are as follows:

  • The winning fan art will be printed and signed by members of Tokyo RPG Factory and also be packaged as a physical, one of a kind PC game case.
  • 1x very special one of a kind personalized message from Tokyo RPG Factory
  • 1x Steam Collector’s Edition of I am Setsuna (including the Winter’s End OST)
  • 1x I am Setsuna OST (on CD)
  • 1x I am Setsuna t-shirt
  • 1x I am Setsuna tote bag

The three runners-up will have their fan art printed and signed by Tokyo RPG Factory.

Closing date and winner announcement

The closing date for the competition is November 7th at 8am GMT. The winner and runner-ups will be chosen by the developer of I am Setsuna, Tokyo RPG Factory. These will be announced by Square Enix November 14th. 

What are your thoughts on the competition? Will you be entering it? Let me know in the comments below!

Undertale to be the focus of Gamers for Good next fanart campaign Wed, 13 Jul 2016 12:07:21 -0400 Jenifyr Kaiser

Gamers for Good (G4G) announced that their next charity fanart book will be based on Undertale. The theme this time around is mental health. Proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to three separate charities that are working to help people cope with stress, depression, and other mental illness related issues.

The book is being created with the blessing and support of Undertale creator, Toby Fox. The book will feature fan contributed art pieces based on the game for which G4G is currently accepting submissions on the campaign's webpage. An official name for the book has not yet been announced.

"Gamers for Good wants to challenge how the world thinks about mental health, remove the stigma."

Undertale is an adventure RPG released in 2015 that garnered overwhelmingly positive reviews. The game wasn't just genre defining -- it was genre defying. It touched on themes that really hadn't been done in games up to that point. It has a dedicated fan following, so we should see some pretty amazing artwork in the book when it releases.

The proceeds from the book will support these three charity organizations:

  • Child's Play

Child’s Play is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit charity founded in 2003 by Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins of the online comic strip Penny Arcade, which concerns itself with video games and gamer culture.

Since 2003, we’ve set up and organized Child’s Play, a game industry charity dedicated to improving the lives of children with toys and games in our network of over 220 facilities worldwide, including hospitals and domestic abuse shelters.

  • Take This

Take This is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit charity founded in 2013 by veteran journalists Russ Pitts and Susan Arendt and clinical psychologist Dr. Mark Kline, Psy.D. in response to the tragic suicide of a colleague.

TakeThis, Inc. seeks to inform our community about mental health issues, to provide education about mental disorders and mental illness prevention, and to reduce the stigma of mental illness.

  • Anxiety Gaming 

Anxiety Gaming is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to providing mental health resources for the gaming community.

From donating video game consoles to foster homes, to matching gamers with the perfect therapist, to completely covering the cost of mental health care for those that couldn’t otherwise afford it.


The Gamer for Life campaign was G4G's first fanart project and was a huge success. It was initiated to help Blizzard game developer, Kevin Kenai Griffith (KKG) who had been diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer. Unfortunately Kevin passed away before the book was finished, but the proceeds went to cancer related charities in his name.  

Mental Illness affects so many people. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), 1 in 5 adults in the U.S. experiences mental illness in a given year. That's 43.8 million people! Raising awareness and helping charities that are dedicated to helping those faced with mental illness is the goal of this campaign. If you are interested in helping or would just like to know more, please check out G4G's official website

If The Witcher 3 Was A Hard-Boiled Detective Story It Would Look A Bit Like This Mon, 27 Jun 2016 10:54:12 -0400 Captynplanet_8219

An artist by the name of Ástor Alexander has recently uploaded three wonderful images that take The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt's characters and depict them as if they were in a modern detective noir story.

(Warning: Some of Alexander's art is NSFW, so wait until you're off the clock to check out their site.)


Alexander captures the feel of 20th-century detective novels by the likes of Raymond Chandler and Agatha Christie and adds some clever nuances from The Witcher series in order to realize a cool concept. 

Geralt's gun has his five Witcher signs on it and Triss Merrigold lights a cigarette using magic.  

Each of the pictures is related to a quest in The Witcher 3. The Wild Hunt is the story's overarching quest, where Geralt is searching for his daughter Ciri. A Matter of Life & Death forces Geralt to help Triss and her fellow sorcerers and sorceresses escape from persecution. And The Last Wish delves into Geralt's relationship with Yennifer.

The Witcher 3 is full of aspects that could be thought of as detective style themes, so as a fan of noir media and The Witcher, my dreams would come true if CD Projekt Red ever decided to make a modern, gloomy, detective style Witcher game. 

This is probably never going to happen, as CD Projekt Red has stated that after the release of The Witcher's latest DLC "Blood and Wine" will be the last installment in the series, but that won't stop me from dreaming.

Artist reimagines Pokemon in what could be the coolest cosplay ideas ever Sun, 26 Jun 2016 21:26:00 -0400 Joshua Potter

Pokemon SunMoon is just around the corner. According to a recent post from the official Pokemon company Twitter, we should be getting more information regarding the newest content from Sun & Moon July 1st.

To tide you over while you wait to hear more about the newest Pokemon release, check out this awesome artwork by artist Tamtamdi. In a year, they were able to create all of the first generation Pokemon as "gijinka" and have already started on the second generation. The humanization makes for some pretty cool ideas of how you may want to dress up as your favorite Pokemon, should you be hungry for cosplay ideas for that next big convention.

Here's some of our favorites.

What's so great about these pictures is that even though Tamtamdi has given us a reference of who the Pokemon is in the bottom left, oftentimes the characters are drawn in such a way that you don't even need it. Not only that, but the personality gives extra weight to each of the drawings.

Look how sassy this Vileplume is! Note how the attire is both simple and immediately identifiable due to the color themes and bonnet. I love that about these pieces. The next one is  also pretty impressive.


This piece has every single one of the Unown letters and symbols, and still only took about five hours to finish according to the artist. Talk about dedication.

If you're looking for some unique and fun ways to represent your favorite Pokemon at an upcoming con, be sure to check out  Tamtamdi's page to see each of the generations separate album.

Do you have a favorite Pokemon you'd cosplay? Tell us who your favorites are in the comments below.

The 10 best Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir fan art Fri, 10 Jun 2016 07:18:08 -0400 Jeffrey Rousseau

1. Gather around for story time

In this colorful scene from Oboro Keiskue, everyone is enjoying their time with a good book. Alice is the center of the piece where everyone looks on with full attention. The bright colors and the illumination of the pages draw upon the fact that Alice is in control.


In the end, we really enjoy the fan art inspired by Odin Sphere and it's various characters. Do you agree with the list? Do you have better examples of fan art?


Let us know in the comments below!

2.  Alice and Socrates enjoy story time

Here, Kaworu give us a lovely painting of a girl and her cat.


In soft colors, portraying a peaceful mood, they enjoy a story together. The positioning of her cat adds to the curiosity displayed by Alice herself. Whose story is she reading? Does she like the story?

3. Velvet will entrap you

This image is a favorite because of the colors that compliment the mysterious Velvet. The shades of red conveys danger and her trying to entrance you. Will she impale you? Will she capture you? Who knows, but artist yugume has created this deadly dance you'd want to see.

4. Oswald and the feather

In this artwork by Oboro Keisuke, we see the dark knight in a rare moment of deep thought. With the image being purposely black and white, what is the significance of the blue feather? Does this calm his heart? Is he longing for something lost? 


The use of color, or lack thereof, makes this an interesting piece. 

5. Mercedes and friends

This whimsical image was brought to you by artist, NYO.


Here, we see Mercedes enjoying time with her friends — a frog and a dragon. After all, why wouldn't they be friends with a fairy? The pastel colors and the simple designs make her appear more childlike and innocent. 

6. Mercedes in the rain

Fairy or not, Akr has given us a quiet moment we could all sympathize with.


With this wonderful piece of art, Mercedes is truly in her element. The colors appear water washed to capture the look of heavy rain. The fairy looks on wistfully, waiting out the bad weather in her forest. 

7. Cornelius stalks his prey

Here, Bun-o has created an image that invokes quite a few thoughts.


Is our hero scared? Is this Cerberus looking for a meal? How fast will Cornelius see the beast slain at his feet? The deft use of light reveals that he is the predator waiting for the beast to come within striking distance. 

8. Cornelius' swordplay

The Pooka warrior strikes a powerful pose in this piece by Noxypia.


This is a favorite because of the skillful use of the blue to illuminate both the blade and the hero. The image also conveys his athleticism despite his small stature. Also, he looks rather menacing, even though he's unfortunately and ridiculously cute.

9. Gwendolyn in action

This next piece finds our mighty Valkyrie in a more action-focused scene. This scene, created by Nikkon, depicts her colorful face-off against a dragon. The art is a creative juxtaposition of the fight and to the older background.


This is a page from a storybook, which is fitting considering the game is a book being read by a child.

10. Gwendolyn alone

We begin our list with this piece dedicated to the Valkyrie, Gwendolyn, created by the artist Retsuna. Here we see our heroine basking in a moment of silence alone.


Is she reading to herself prior to smiting foes? Is she running away? Whatever it may be, the color palette presented here really accentuates her wings and demeanor.


Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir released earlier this week for the PS4, PS3, and PS Vita. And as evidenced by the in-game sprites and character art, it's certainly a beautiful game. The art is designed by the game's artist and director, George Kamatani, whose work has gone on to inspire a lot of fan art.


Here's a list of our top 10 favorite renditions. 

9 of the Hottest NSFW Overwatch Fan Art Mon, 30 May 2016 10:06:54 -0400 Sagger Khraishi


1. D.Va



[Source: squidsmith]


And that is our list of the 9 hottest Overwatch images. If you are interested, you should check out our reference guides for making your own Overwatch porn fan-art next.


2. Widowmaker



[Source: sinceillust]


The final piece at number 1 goes to another mechanical scene with D.Va. Just make sure you don't have your boss standing behind you for this one.


3. Mei is Bae



[Source: MonoriRogue]


MonoriRogue has a lot of Overwatch art on his DeviantArt page you should check out and buy as a print if you like. At number 2 though we are going to take another look at Widowmaker though.


4. D.Va



[Source: Lil Chanfu]


The ice cream wasn't needed for us to get flustered with the image. On the topic of ice cream though, we're back with Mei at number 3.


5. Soldier: 76



[Source: Einlee]


As part of the Overwatch competition set by DeviantArt, the artist Einlee was commissioned to create the piece. As Einlee mentioned:


Instead of his usual guns-blazing badass look, I tried to capture something more poignant and evocative: a moment of repose after a long day.


That said, it was pulled off pretty well. Check out number 4's D.Va in a tinkering scene next!


6. Winston & Tracer



[Source: 巴拉告 (煌炎武)]


Not really what you expected huh? The next one is pretty hot, from a design standpoint at least. At number 5, Soldier: 76, I expect to see a lot more of you in the future.


7. Tracer & Widowmaker



[Source: JoyReactor]


For number 6, we'll have a more "heart-warming" scene of Winston and Tracer. Check it out!


8. Punk Tracer



[Source: MonoriRogue]


Number 7 is a bit more spicy, with a scene behind closed doors of Tracer and Widowmaker.


Overwatch isn't safe to rule 34, as seen with Blizzard's recent attempt at purging Overwatch porn from the internet. But thanks to such things like the release of the reference guides, you can still see people making some pretty hot fan art.


Here at GameSkinny, we put together some of the hottest NSFW Overwatch images that you can enjoy. At least to keep your imagination going. Starting with Mei, we'll see Tracer, Widowmaker, Winston, Soldier: 76, and D.Va all lined up.


9. Mei



[Source: Tao Yi]


Check out number 8, a punk rock version of Tracer next.

Want to make some Overwatch fan art? Check out Blizzard's Style Guides Sat, 28 May 2016 01:00:32 -0400 Sagger Khraishi


21. Overwatch - Soldier: 76



20. Overwatch - Lúcio



19. Overwatch - D.Va



18. Overwatch - Genji



17. Overwatch - Zenyatta



16. Overwatch - Mercy



15. Overwatch - Hanzo



14. Overwatch - Bastion



13. Overwatch - Torbjorn



12. Overwatch - Symmetra



11. Overwatch - Reinhardt



10. Overwatch - Pharah



9. Overwatch - Winston



8. Overwatch - Widowmaker



7. Overwatch - Reaper



6. Overwatch - Tracer



5. Overwatch - McCree



4. Overwatch - Zarya



3. Overwatch - Roadhog



2. Overwatch - Junkrat



1. Overwatch - Mei



Overwatch designs can be a little tricky if you are doing it on the fly. But thankfully Blizzard has released the reference guide for each of the characters. Use it for your waifu Mei cosplay or for creating Rule 32 Hanzo art.


Personally, I think I could probably use these to pull a really steampunk D.Va poster off. Or merge the universe of Warhammer with Tracer into making something more blood thirsty. Those are just a few ideas that popped up looking at the guides.


If you are looking for a specific character, you will find this table of contents useful, otherwise take your time looking through each one -- remember to share with your art savvy friends.


If you used these reference designs for your art, make sure to link it back too so we can check it out.


Table of Contents

  1. \n
  2. \n
  3. \n
  4. \n
  5. \n
  6. \n
  7. \n
  8. \n
  9. \n
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  15. \n
  16. \n
  17. \n
  18. \n
  19. \n
  20. \n
  21. \n
  22. \n
  23. \n
  24. \n
  25. \n
  26. \n
  27. \n
  28. \n
  29. \n
  30. \n
  31. \n
  32. \n
  33. \n
  34. \n
  35. \n
  36. \n
  37. \n
  38. \n
  39. \n
  40. \n
  41. \n
    Soldier: 76
  42. \n
Fan art pieces that prove Dark Souls has one of the best gaming communities Thu, 19 May 2016 11:36:58 -0400 Joshua Potter

One of the best things about the gaming community is our enthusiasm. When a gaming company like FromSoftware is able to develop so many great games in such a short time, it's only natural that we'd rally around them. From animated videos to some pretty impressive artwork, here's some examples that prove the Dark Souls community is one of the greatest in the history of gaming.

Happy Souls

YouTuber Jameserton leads the pack with one of my favorite Dark Souls fan pieces in the history of ever. His video was only released recently, but details him and his friend's journey through the abyssal nightmare that is Dark Souls II. It has also spawned one of my favorite things to yell in a crowded room, "I GOT BOOOSSSS WEAAAAPOOOOONNNNS!" I've watched this piece an unsightly amount of times if only for the Weaponsmith Ornifex scene.

Shrek Defends His Swamp

Iron Pineapple and his crew have made quite a few videos detailing just how versatile a game like Dark Souls is. What makes this one stand out in particular is his dedication to the subject material. Donkey ONLY kicks using the Horsehoof Ring and Puss in Boots is using a rapier. Play this in the background for added experience.

Mimicry Men

Rounding out the videos is JellyElite~ with his video about emulating the life of one of the creepiest monsters in Dark Souls. Once again, what really sells this video is his attention to detail. He limits his killing spree against opponents who use the Undead Hunter Charm item which has the unique effect of putting mimics to sleep. Did you know their "teeth" are actually dozens of bonelike fingers? As if they weren't already creepy nightmare boxes.

Fan-made Estus Flask & Soapstone Necklace

Some of the creative people at Etsy have gotten in on the Dark Souls craze as well and make some pretty awesome stuff for the enthusiast who wants to bring the darkness of Lordran into their every day life. The people at VideoGameCollectorHQ have made some pretty cool trinkets for sale on their site, although the lead painted flasks are probably more likely to harm than heal.

Bonfire Night Light

Etsy user ZanzibarLand has made a miniaturized version of the Dark Souls bonfire into a night light. Now you can feel that soothing glow call to you in your own home while you race from the kitchen to your room in the dead of night to avoid whatever monsters await you in the dark.

Dark Souls III Watercolor Posters

The last from the Etsy front is by Rob of EpicDecorations. He's done some amazing work with his water colored posters depicting the Dark Souls universe, as well as a few other popular franchises such as League of Legends. The Solaire of Astora poster is my favorite just because he looks so happy.

Watchers of the Abyss

Another testament to the artistic talents of the Dark Souls fandom is this piece by redditor Nathanpye depicting the boss Abyss Watchers. This entire piece was done digitally and nothing could do this enemy more justice.

Lordran and Beyond

While great fan art is amazing, it's even better when backed by a compelling story. Zach Sharpe, with help from artists Rachel Saunders, Chris Puglise and WitnessTheAbsurd have collaborated to make one the the coolest Dark Souls comics out there. The storyline is sweet as well as chilling, fitting in perfectly with the theme of the franchise. They're close to hitting their Patreon goal as well, so be sure to check it out if you'd like to see more like this.

Anything we missed or have a piece you'd like to share? Post them down below in the comments for everyone to see! 

The voice of Solid Snake to lend his talents to Metal Gear Solid fan project Wed, 06 Apr 2016 16:40:46 -0400 Scott Simpson

Following the cancellation of the planned Metal Gear Solid HD fan remake, Shadow Moses, (and assumed legal pressure from Konami) the developer behind it has started work on a new project -- and it seems like they have some star power behind it.

David Hayter, the man who provided the voice work for the Metal Gear Solid series' main protagonists up until the most recent installment, where he was disappointed to learn he would be replaced by Kiefer Sutherland, appears to be lending his talents to The Fan Legacy: Metal Gear Solid, a virtual museum dedicated to the series.

The developers behind the project announced their intentions in a post on their Facebook page:

The Fan Legacy: Metal Gear Solid is a first-person experience allowing fans the opportunity to revisit some of the most emblematic MGS levels in the form of a virtual museum. There will be no need for stealth this time around.

The Fan Legacy: Metal Gear Solid will feature many pieces of amazing fan art from devoted lovers of the series and our collaborators. As an unofficial, non-profit production, the project is a gift, from the fans, but also addressed to the fans; to share our affection for the seminal franchise.

The team intends to make it available to download for PC users in May and confirmed that it will also have VR support. Of course, it could well be the case that this attempt to make something from the ashes of the Shadow Moses project may also run into similar legal troubles.

Remembering Satoru Iwata: Fan Art Tributes Sun, 26 Jul 2015 05:26:00 -0400 KungFro

It's been two weeks since the unexpected death of one of the video game industry's most inspirational contributors: Nintendo's own Satoru Iwata. As the dust has finally begun to settle, I've taken it upon myself to round up fan creations dedicated to his memory. I figured it would be nice to have a collection to look back on when the nostalgia begins to set in.

I initially wanted to compile some heartwarming quotes about Satoru Iwata's impact on the gaming world, but I was in way over my head. That may sound like a cop-out, but here's the thing – he touched countless hearts during his lifetime. Not a single forum has been anything less than filled to the brim with intimate condolences since his passing.

Realizing that there was no way to narrow down the written accounts of his legacy, I instead gathered these fan-made images. Satoru Iwata didn't leave anyone out of his journey to make great games, so I didn't want to leave anyone out of this celebration of his life.

RIP Iwata-san. Here's to making it past the final level.

Must-have Nintendo prints by artist Orioto Sun, 19 Jul 2015 02:30:01 -0400 Manisha Hossain


Through the Night


Orioto showcases this SNES inspired piece in a new light, far from its 8-bit origin. A lonely Link stares at the the rainy, night sky, awaiting his adventure. This is one of the more gloomy pieces, and by gloomy, I mean it in the best way. It adds some sort of mystery to The Legend of Zelda.


Know of any other artists that pay homage to video games? Share it with me below!


Little Garden


Bringing in the nostalgia with Pokemon, this happy little piece shows the innocence of adventure as these future trainers search for their little pocket monsters. I'm sure we've all done it, just picturing ourselves running out and about, on our own, searching for our very own Pokemon. 


Flying Bully


Straight out of Super Mario World, a tentative Mario tries to knock off Iggy Koopa on this moving base in order to save a captured Yoshi. It's an interesting take on the existing level of the game. He added a background to what used to be a black abyss, which adds a much needed depth to the level that I didn't realize was missing, till now.


Lava Ballad


The anxiety that overcomes you as Mario rides the skull raft through this tricky level in Super Mario World is too real to ignore. Orioto transformed this 8-bit scene and brought it to life in a more vivid way, cartoon-like way. 


Cerulean Secret


I'm sure you remember that moment you stepped into Cerulean Cave and laid your eyes on the legendary Mewtwo. Relive that rush once again with this epic piece. Orioto took the 2D elements of the Pokemon games and completely transformed this moment. It's just how any of us would have pictured coming across Mewtwo for the very first time--in our minds, that is. Now it's all painted out, before our eyes.


Jungle Lineage


What a throwback! Paying homage to 90s platformers with a sweet scene from Donkey Kong Country. Orioto altered the vibrant color scheme and added some realistic elements to the game's scenery. Look at how proud Donkey Kong looks as Diddy leaps from rope to rope.


Lil Penguin Lost


Remember this little guy from Super Mario 64? This was the quest where players get to reunite the baby penguin with his momma. That being said, once he's back with her and the star appears, we best leave him alone. I sure hope Mario puts him down, or he's in for a chase. 


Master Sword


 Ah, the satisfying moment where you first lay your eyes on the Master Sword in the Lost Woods. Orioto revisited The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time with this nostalgic piece. He even included the spiritual stones fading into the background.


Mikaël Aguirre, known as Orioto online, is an artist that revamps our favorite video game moments into beautiful art. He has a gallery on DeviantArt, Tumblr and also sells his prints on Redbubble. Orioto's collection is rooted to his favorite games. From Final Fantasy to The Legend of Zelda, his art depicts iconic moments in lush, dreamy ways.


Calling all Nintendo fanboys and fan girls. Orioto's nostalgic Nintendo collection is bound to flood in great memories for gamers. He captures and recreates these moments in a new light and art form. Check out his other prints on his DeviantArt page. Also, check his Redbubble porfolio for other prints he has on sale. Move quick though, sometimes his prints go out of stock rather quickly!


Pictured above is Sweet Jungle. All of the following prints are available for sale in many different sizes and forms. Prices will vary according to material and size. Enjoy!

30 pieces of epic Legend of Zelda fan art Sun, 05 Jul 2015 04:02:21 -0400 SwordandSorcery


Zeruda no Densetsu: Kaze no Takuto by VKliza


VKliza's "samurai" interpretation of The Wind Waker is certainly different, but no less stunning. Though it seems unusual for the Zelda universe, it is somehow not out of place here, and I am surprised the developers at Nintendo have not actually considered something like this before.


Now I really want to play a Zelda game...


Do you have any fan art to add? Made anything yourself? Share with us in the comments below!


King Daphnes - Zelda Wind Waker Fanart by Markdotea


Markdotea fully captures the noble and distinguished air of The King of Red Lions, also known as King Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule. It is truly a shame he sunk with Hyrule...


Aim for the Faceplate by Laura Bifano


Here's another piece based on a boss battle! This one is based on the battle at Forsaken Fortress with the Helmaroc King. The style is a little different, but it seems excellent for the Helmaroc King's plumage.


Gohma - Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker by Mystic-Forces


Gohma appears in a lot of games, but her appearance in The Wind Waker is one of the more unique ones. This image almost resembles a screenshot from the game it is so well done. I really envy Mystic-Forces' skill.


Great Fairy by Elentori


The Great Fairies in The Wind Waker are certainly more modest than many of the others in previous games, but they are no less attractive. Elentori's work replicates the fairy fountains - and a Great Fairy - quite precisely, and I cannot help but admire.


PUPPET ZELDA: Suspended Animation by Eddy-Shinjuku


The fact that Ganondorf, empowered by Zant, was able to possess Zelda, and use her as his puppet, is beyond disturbing. But this piece truly captures what is weird and unnatural about the whole event.


Princess and her Wolf by Cindy Liu


We could go around for hours on the possible symbolism of this piece, but in the end I still have no clue what it means. Midna did ultimately save Link from the depths of Hyrule castle, but only for her own benefit. Perhaps that is exemplified here?


Zelda Tribute - Argorok by sarrus


Argorok is a pain-in-the-neck boss, but he sure is magnificent looking, especially in this piece by a sort of terrible, terrifying way.


Lament of the Twilight Princess by StellaB


This incredible composition is paired with a poem by AngstOfZant. It's a little long to add here, but both pieces really do fit some of the supposedly romantic aspects of Link and Midna's relationship.


Zelda - Beast Ganon by HeavyMetalHanzo


Ganon! Get down from there, you are going to - well, he and Midna kind of break Hyrule castle in their battle anyways. But I never imagined a giant pig clinging to the top of a castle could be so...epic.


Vs Demise by R-SRaven


Pretty unnatural how much Demise resembles Ganondorf. And it's even more unnatural how Demise transitions from a strange blob of a monster to a humanoid, god-like creature. However, R-SRaven's interpretation of Link's final encounter with Demise brings back fond memories of a dance of blades in the midst of a storm.


Awaiting His Return by Art-Zealot


Art-Zealot's rendition of Link entering the Silent Realm is probably several times more awesome than the actual Silent Realms, which are tedious at best and terrifying at worst. Sword bearing reapers flying towards me, sharpening their blades for the kill? No thank you!


LOZ Skyward Sword: Link VS Ghirahim by moxie2D


Link's fights with Ghirahim were, admittedly, quite the challenge the first time through. Figuring out how to throw off the villainous representation of Demise's sword took some thought. And Ghirahim is both creepy and detestable, making this representation of Link and Ghirahim in combat quite fitting.


Fi by Lewmus


Fi might be an irritating companion, but she surely is a gorgeous representation of both the Goddess and Master Sword. Lewmus captures her grace and ethereal nature excellently in this piece.


Skyward by AMSBT


Skyward is a lovely rendition of Zelda, or, if you prefer, the goddess Hylia. Perhaps it might bring up thoughts of how lazy and naive Link is at the beginning of Skyward Sword, before Zelda is snatched away and he is forced into an increasingly complex quest to save Skyloft and the world below.


Ganon Revived by WesTalbott


If anything manages to portray the epic final battle of Ocarina of Time properly, it's this silk screen print by WesTalbott. Ganon's bestial roar, the clouds emerging from the crumbling ruins of Ganon's Castle...everything seems to be in the right place.


Volvagia: The Subterranean Lava Dragon by Legend-tony980


This interpretation of Volvagia, the goron-eating dragon that Ganondorf attempts to release upon Hyrule, is so spot on I could mistake it for official artwork.


The Six Sages - Ocarina of Time Compilation by KrisCynical


All the heroes of Ocarina of Time were rarely, if ever seen in one place and time, but this piece that throws all the sages and the Hero of Time together surely does them justice. The image is especially nostalgic in that it takes many of the important pieces of the game and places them in one composition.


Sheik - Legend of Zelda by nayuki-chan


What an awesome interpretation of Sheik! We do not get much of an idea how she fights from Ocarina of Time, but Super Smash Bros. gives us a better idea. And from that, this is certainly accurate.


Queen Gohma by Ursula Dorada


Queen Gohma, by Ursula Dorada, really captures the dark and gloomy depths of the Deku Tree and the accursed creature that lurked in there not long before his death. The image brings us right back into that boss room with Queen Gohma herself, looking down on us with that creepy single eye. I am just glad I am not actually in there.


The Skull Kid by JohnnyCago


This piece is especially reminiscent of that last day in Termina, when the festival in Clock Town is due to start. However, in this image the giants who would save the land from the falling moon seem distant, and there is a rather appropriate aura of despair.


Zelda - Majoras Mask by GENZOMAN


This image seems to bring thoughts to the strange powers of the masks in Majora's Mask. Why do they have such power? Why do they even exist at all in this world of Termina? The game does not bother to explain this, but we can certainly sit and wonder while admiring this wonderful piece of art. 


MM: Fierce Deity VS Majora by KurkoBoltsi


Link's final battle with Majora may have been one of the stranger ones in the series, but that did not make it any less epic. Especially if one had traded in all the masks found in-game for the Fierce Deity mask. This piece gives the battle an appropriately dramatic, and otherworldly (it is on the moon, after all) touch.


Majora's Moon by VincentBisschop


What would have happened if Link had not been there to save Termina? Well, we all have a pretty good idea, but this image gives us an excellent visual interpretation of the cataclysm.


Majora's Mask by lychi


All of Link's various forms in Majora's Mask, standing side by side against the evil of the mask itself, seem quite a heroic homage to the darker Zelda game and Link's great courage.


Hilda and Zelda by Ag+


And here is another dual image, this time of Zelda and Hilda. Their juxtaposition of the two brings out the differences between them, namely their color schemes and, to some extent, their very natures.


Ravio and Sheerow by NekoLoveLetter


Here's Ravio and his pet bird, Sheerow! This image, by NekoLoveLetter, is an awfully cute tribute to the shopkeeper who seems to gain so many of Link's rupees. Let us just hope he is not the next Beedle.


Yuga by EternaLegend


I have not had the chance to play through A Link Between Worlds fully, but Yuga still freaks me out a little. His obsession with perfection, and the fact that he turns those "perfect" things into paintings, is a little scary. All that gets captured pretty well in this image.




Another piece full of opposites! Much of A Link Between Worlds is about the differing and flipped worlds of Hyrule and Lorule, after all, and this piece is a fitting tribute as such.


Zelda A Link Between Worlds : Link and Ravio - by Kurama-chan


This piece is adorable! Ravio is Link's counterpart, but he's also a resident of Lorule, and thus mirrors his traits in an opposite manner: cowardly instead of courageous. Of course, I do not think we could have finished much of the game without Ravio's help! This piece really speaks to the fact that the two are really opposite sides of the same coin.


Some amazing creativity has been channeled into fan art of peoples' favorite games. The Legend of Zelda series has inspired many pieces, and the Internet is positively brimming with beautiful art in tribute to the games. Here are 30 pieces based on A Link Between Worlds, Majora's Mask, Ocarina of Time, Skyward Sword, Twilight Princess and The Wind Waker.