Spells allow you to defeat enemies and capture beasts in Hogwarts Legacy. Here's how to get and use the best spells.

Hogwarts Legacy Best Spells Guide

Spells allow you to defeat enemies and capture beasts in Hogwarts Legacy. Here's how to get and use the best spells.

While every spell certainly has its uses in Hogwarts Legacy, the best spells combine power with utility to help you take down enemies in combat and rescue beasts from poachers.  

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With access to four separate sets of spells, you can equip your favorites to your primary set for easy access. However, some of the best spells in Hogwarts Legacy are essential and do not require you to add them to a set. Instead, you can access essential spells like Revelio and Protego with basic controls, leaving room for even better spells in your primary set. 

Best Spells in Hogwarts Legacy 

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Ancient Magic 

Ancient Magic is accessible from very early on in Hogwarts Legacy. Bound by a meter, use of this magic is limited in battle. However, you can deal a huge amount of damage with each strike, complete with exciting visuals that range from honing bolts of lightning to lifting foes and slamming them to the ground with ease. 

Avada Kedavra 

While it can’t be learned until you complete Sebastian’s relationship quest entitled In the Shadow of Relics, Avada Kedavra instantly kills any enemy the Unforgivable Curse is cast upon. This comes in handy when facing tough opponents like Trolls and Matriarch Spiders in Hogwarts Legacy


To learn the Transformation charm, you will need to finish Professor Weasley’s assignment, which involves a quiz from Sophronia Franklin. This charm transforms your target into an item, rendering them unable to attack. In this form, your opponents can also be thrown to attack others or blasted with Depulso to one-shot them. 

Petrificus Totalus 

Available upon learning the Disillusionment Charm, Petrificus Totalus can be cast to instantly eliminate any foe that you manage to sneak up on. In this way, it’s much like a free Killing Curse, though it’s only successful if your opponent doesn’t catch you. 


Learned by completing Sebastian’s relationship quest entitled In the Shadow of Time, Imperio is one of three Unforgivable Curses. This curse allows you to temporarily control the mind of an opponent, forcing them to battle at your side against other foes. 


Levioso is one of the first spells that you learn in Hogwarts Legacy, accessed by attending Defence Against the Dark Arts on your first day at Hogwarts. By casting this spell, you can levitate foes and render them powerless while they’re in the air. This allows you to land attacks with ease. 


Available upon completing Professor Howin’s assignment, Bombarda is essentially a much more powerful version of Confringo. Also known as the Exploding Charm, casting Bombarda will result in a highly destructive, fiery blast that blows away all nearby enemies. 


Sebastian Sallow teaches you the Disillusionment charm when you meet him by the library early on in Hogwarts Legacy. This charm allows you to make yourself invisible to sneak up on foes or avoid them altogether. If you successfully sneak up on an enemy, you can follow up by casting Petrificus Totalus. 


After completing classes for both Potions and Herbology, you will be able to learn Expelliarmus from Professor Hecat in the Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom. Not only does this spell disarm foes and prevent them from attacking, but it also deals damage regardless of whether an opponent is armed. In some cases, you can even steal weapons like crossbows from Loyalist Rangers.


Available upon completing Professor Sharp’s second assignment, Diffindo is one of the most damaging spells that you can learn in Hogwarts Legacy. When cast, this far-reaching spell slices through foes to deal an exceptional amount of damage. 

Best Spells for Catching Beasts in Hogwarts Legacy

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It’s no secret that some beasts are harder to catch than others in Hogwarts Legacy. Some must be defeated in battle before you can capture them, while others are able to either fly or flee quickly, making them tricky targets. However, the best spells to help you approach beasts, slow them down, and make them easier to capture include: Disillusionment, Arresto Momentum, Levioso, and Glacius.

Depending on the individual beast, different spells will work better than others, but it’s always best to set up by using the Disillusionment charm so you can sneak up on beasts without startling them. If beasts do attempt to flee, casting Arresto Momentum will buy some time to cast additional spells to help you capture them. 

  • Puffskein: Levioso 
  • Jobberknoll: Glacius 
  • Mooncalf: Levioso 
  • Niffler: Levioso 
  • Giant Purple Toad: Levioso 
  • Fwooper: Glacius 
  • Kneazle: Levioso 
  • Diricrawl: Levioso 
  • Thestral: Glacius 
  • Unicorn: Levioso 
  • Hippogriff: Glacius 
  • Phoenix: Obtained by completing Deek’s quest entitled Phoenix Rising 
  • Graphorn: Obtained by defeating in battle 

With that, we’ve gone over the best spells as well as the best ones to catch beasts. For more tips, tricks, and information, check out the rest of our Hogwarts Legacy guides.

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