Elden Ring: How to Farm Runes in the Early and Mid-Game to Level Up Fast

Make the early and mid-game of Elden Ring a little less punishing with these tips on how to farm runes so you can level up fast and easy.

Elden Ring offers so much freedom that you can trivialize Margit, the Fell Omen just by exploring and farming all of Limgrave and the Weeping Plateau. Doing so will give you plenty of Runes to level up far beyond Level 20 or so, the level FromSoftware assumed you’d be when fighting the first true boss of the game.

In this guide, we’ll cover three ways to farm Runes and level up quickly with and without beating specific bosses, doing or not doing certain quests, and using methods built into Elden Ring meant for you to find.

How to Farm Runes Early and Level Up Fast in Elden Ring

You’ll want to find a few items before farming to maximize your Rune gains.

  • The Golden Scarab Talisman, which adds 20% more runes for each enemy killed. The area in which it is found can be tricky, so read our guide on how to find it (linked above) and our guide on how to cure Scarlet Rot (linked right here).

  • The Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot consumable, which adds an additional 20% rune pickup, perfect for farming. These can be found as items in the world, and you can also craft it after you buy Missionary's Cookbook [2] from Patches.

  • A community password. If you’re part of a content creator community, Discord server, or have friends who also play Elden Ring, use a community password, available through the multiplayer menu. Every time someone with a password defeats either a shardbearer boss or finishes the game, you’ll get an additional 10% boost to collected Runes. You can have five of such passwords active at a time.

Best Rune Farm in Elden Ring

By far the easiest and most consistent Rune farm in Elden Ring is at the Palace Approach Ledge Road Site of Grace in the Mohgwhyn Palace zone. Complete the Bloody Finger questline and collect the Pureblood Knight Medal, then run through the blood swamp to reach the Site of Grace.

Across the chasm to the north of the Grace, you should see a wandering bird.

Take out a bow and shoot it. It will become very angry at you and charge, falling off the death cliff.

You’ll get 11,000 Runes, and then you can rest at the Grace right behind you and repeat eternally. The process takes about 20-30 seconds, so that’s at least 200,000 runes every hour if you take your time.

Best Early-Game Rune Farms Without Requirements

There are two areas in Caelid that are excellent for getting a ton of runes fast without needing to beat any bosses or complete any quests.

The first is the area directly south of the Beasital Sanctum. To reach this late-game area, head to the Artist’s Shack in the northeast of Limgrave, then travel across the river into a small shaded corner.

A portal nestled in some shrubs will take you to the Sanctum in Greydoll’s Dragonbarrow.

First Rune Farm

For this first Rune farm, grab the Site of Grace inside, then turn around and exit. Head to the right of the gargoyle boss and into the valley. There will be 10 or so small enemies wielding axes called Vulgar Militia.

With the Golden Scarab equipped, each one killed drops 1,312 Runes. With the Fowl Foot buff atop that, the rune value jumps to 1,706. If you take four or five minutes to kill all of the Militia, you’ll rack up around 18,000 Runes.

Second Rune Farm

For this second Rune farm, head to the southeastern section of Caelid, near Starscourge Radahn’s Castle Redmane, and you’ll reach the Impassable Bridge Site of Grace. Near said Grace is an ongoing fight between the large demon dogs and Radahn’s soldiers.

These enemies are content to fight amongst themselves, and after the dogs die (as they always will), you can go in and clean up the remaining soldiers. You’ll net a few thousand runes for about five or so minutes of doing almost nothing, so if you want a casual, chill way to farm some runes while you have a snack or do a chore, this is the place to be.

Best Rune Farm With Friends

Cooperation is another great way to farm runes, and the fastest means is to be summoned to fight Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon in Raya Lucaria Academy.

You don’t need to beat her to be summoned, but you should know how to beat her if you want to help, farming or not.

Place your summon sign with the Tarnished’s Furled Finger just outside Renalla’s boss fog. You’ll need to be between levels 30-50 and with weapons no higher than say +12 regular or +5 somber for best activity, but a bit higher or lower should still see you summoned. The fight only takes about five minutes at most with multiple people, and with the Golden Scarab awards 12,000 Runes.

You can do the same thing with Godrick the Grafted for lower levels, and he awards 6,200 per defeat. The fight is about as long as Renalla’s for half the Runes, but is easier to access at earlier levels.

If you’re feeling particularly brave or masochistic, you can fight Mohg, the Lord of Blood early on as well for a good Rune farm.

His defeat solo awards 420,000 Runes, so it stands to reason you’ll receive about 200,000 in co-op. He’s incredibly difficult at low levels with un-upgraded weapons, but it is doable. It’s not necessarily efficient, but if you can find a way to kill him quickly with other players, it can be an excellent way to get a great bounty of runes.

No matter which boss you choose to farm, you’ll also get plenty of Rune Arcs for activating your Great Runes and Furlcalling Finger Remedies for more summoning of friends.

Those are the best ways to farm runes in Elden Ring so you can level up quickly. You’ll want all the power you can get your hands on to take on later bosses like Malenia, Blade of Miquella, or, much earlier, the Red Wolf of Radagon. Head to our Elden Ring guides hub for even more tips and tricks.


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Published Mar. 23rd 2022

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